AQUA MARINA Stand Up paddle Board Paddles

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For a more innovative approach to paddles for your water-bound adventures, these paddles by Aqua Marina are a great choice. These paddles are specifically designed for stand up paddle board paddles and they feature an innovative permeable paddle surface that helps your paddle to efficiently cut through the water and propel you forward with power. In addition, the ergonomic design will help you to paddle for hours, if you wish. These paddles are perfect for anyone who is looking for a higher-quality paddle for their adventures.

Features of the Aqua Marina Stand Up Paddle Board Paddles

  • Innovative Design

    The innovative and fresh design of this paddle will help you to be more efficient in the water--a rare trait of a paddle.
  • Ergonomic Shape

    You can paddle for hours without fatigue with the ergonomic shape of this paddle.
  • Durable Construction

    This paddle is made from innovative and modern materials that are designed to be long-lasting and robust.

Applicable People: Unisex
Model Number: B0302768
Outdoor Activity:SUP Boarding
Type: Pro Paddle

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