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The Campsle SUP Pump is ideal for inflatable boats. No more wasted time, energy and lung capacity. The Campsle SUP Pump is simple and easy to use. Simply attach the nozzle of the Campsle SUP pump to the lighter holder in your car and turn the pump on. Please do note that the ignition of the vehicle would have to be turned on to power the Campsle pump. The Campsle SUP pump can also be used for other inflatables such as; inflatable swimming pools, children's swimming armbands, water inflatable supplies, and inflatable paddle boards. The versatility of the Campsle SUP pump extends beyond water sports as it can be used to inflate camping beds and other inflatable equipment. Find more stuff here

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Features of the Campsle SUP Pump

  • Quick, Easy, Simple to Use

    ⇨ The Camplse SUP Pump is efficient and easy to use for a number of inflatable supplies and other products.
  • Uses

    ⇨ Electrical Air Pump
  • Colours

    ⇨ Black and Orange
  • Brand Name

    ⇨  Campsle
  • Pump Model

    ⇨ Electrical Pump

Length: Rowing Boats
Capacity (Person): Rowing Boats
Outdoor Activity: SUP / Kayak / Rafts Etc
Brand Name: CAMPSLE
Hull Material: ABS+PA
Certification: ABS+PA

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