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What’s better than spending the whole day at the beach? For all the people out there who are into surfing and outdoor activities, this list is for you. In this article, we bring you some of the best coolers out there, perfect for keeping your food and drinks cold while you engage in your favorite surfing activities and spend time at the beach.

This list provides some useful pieces of information on the best coolers out there to help you pick your perfect choice geared toward your own needs and personal taste. If you are looking for a new cooler and don’t know what to buy, continue reading.

Atlantic Luggage Travel Tote and Cooler

This cooler weighs 1.8 pounds, and it has a capacity of 8 cans plus snacks. This is an interesting option, as it provides a nice alternative to the textbook, hard-sided cooler everyone thinks of when imagining a cooler sitting on a beach.

If you are a surfer who enjoys traveling, this easy-to-pack option might be perfect for what you are looking for. 

This cooler has multiple compartments, where one is insulated for drinks and snacks, while the other is designed to keep clothes, beach books, electronics, and other essentials perfectly dry for the whole day. Additionally, there is one more pocket, which expands by two inches, for when you need more space. On the cons side, this cooler bag works well for one, a maximum of two individuals, but it wasn’t quite designed for larger groups of people.

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Cotopaxi Hielo Cooler Backpack

This is another interesting alternative to the traditional cooler, as it comes in a backpack format. So, on the one hand, it is perfect for when you have to carry your surfing board or other objects, but on the other hand, it can be quite different from more traditional coolers.

This cooler has a bucket-style lid opening, which makes it extremely easy to grab a spoon from, and it can store up to 20 cans of ice. One of the most impressive aspects of this cooler is that it can stay cold for up to 36 hours, which is great if you are planning on spending some days on the beach or somewhere remote. 

Also, you have a separate waterproof pocket on top where dry items can be stored, such as your phone, keys, and wallet. It is also one of the more sustainable choices on the market, as it is made with scraps of fabric left over from other products, which makes it not only sustainable but unique, too.

Hydro Flask Day Escape Tote

Tote bag coolers are easy to carry and store. They are built with reliable insulation, so even if they look quite cool, they are still capable of storing foods and beverages. This specific type of cooler is lightweight, comfortable to wear on your shoulder, and absolutely functional. 

If you want to know more about coolers, read this review of the frosted frog cooler. The Hydro Flask Day Escape Tote was built with a durable, waterproof shell that provides not only insulation but also 36 hours of ice retention. It can fit 42 standard cans without ice. You will never have to worry about unwanted leaks, as it also includes a water-tight zipper as well as welded seams.

Bote Kula 5 Magnepod Cooler

This cooler is very different from the others we just mentioned. For one thing, it is round, pretty much like a bucket. It was specifically made to fit on a paddleboard or kayak. This cooler is extremely durable, and the design features only one latch, which is very easy to open but can be harder to close. It only weighs 13 pounds, so it is very easy to carry. 

Together with that, if you are spending the whole day at the beach and want to sit somewhere else aside from your surfing board, you can use it as a stool as well. With its five-year warranty, this amazing backpack-like cooler will stick around for a while.

Kelty Folding Cooler

This is another great cooler for those surf aficionados who never have enough space for everything. It is truly perfect for those spur-of-the-moment adventures, as it is foldable and collapses into a compact shape. Can you imagine that, when empty, that cooler can be roughly the size of a phone book? Foldable does not mean flimsy, though, as this amazing cooler is made with durable 600D polyester and has semi-rigid sides that lay flat when you are not using it. 

It is waterproof, so extremely easy to clean, and it comes with a removable shoulder strap, so you can carry your surfing board at the same time. Also, you can find it in two sizes: 24 cans or 48. Both are without ice. 

Yeti Hopper Flip 18

The Yeti Hopper Flip is perfect for couples or small groups, as it can contain a 12-pack and a couple of sandwiches. It has a padded shoulder strap and a sturdy handle, and it is convenient and easy to carry even when entirely full. This small cooler is extremely resistant and durable, and it was designed to stick around for many seasons. It is also leakproof and airtight, which means that nothing will spill out, not even when the ice melts. It is available in three sizes, and it is an extremely versatile product.

These were just some of our best picks when it comes to coolers. Surfers know the importance of a cold beverage, a meal, and the overall power of a well-packed bag. Because of this, we hope you enjoyed our list of the best coolers out there, which was designed to provide some valuable information on what is out there, ready for you to buy.

Thanks to this short article, now you have a better overview of some of the best coolers out there, all there for you to live an easier life with all the comforts you need while you are surfing on the waves or chilling at the beach.

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