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FOPCC Rafting Paddles For Sale
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MUMIAN Raft Paddles  -  Cheap Surf Gear
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MUMIAN Raft Paddles
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FOPCC Rafting Paddles  -  Cheap Surf Gear
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FOPCC Rafting Paddles
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Whitewater rafting is a form of art. You want to make the best of it by using the best raft accessories. To choose the right white water rafting paddles for you, you need to consider the following basic aspects.

Paddle Length

Adult paddles usually are between 62 and 66 inches long. The length you choose will depend mainly on your height. You may also choose a paddle based on your preferred paddle rate or leverage.

men whitewater rafting holding paddles
While a shorter paddle allows for a quicker paddle rate, it delivers less propulsion. On the other hand, a longer paddle allows for more leverage, delivering more propulsion at a lower paddle rate.

Paddle Blade Design

A paddle can feature either a straight or scooped blade. If you want maximum power forward, consider choosing a scooped blade. For a more technical route, you’ll need a straight blade for increased versatility.

Blade Size

When it comes to choosing the right blade size, your fitness level and body type play an integral role. A blade with a larger surface area pushes more water. Unfortunately, a bigger blade won't necessarily make you more powerful.

If you have a small physique or are less experienced, you may find that a blade with a small to medium surface area puts less strain on your body. As such, it allows for more efficient strokes.

Paddle Material

Another critical consideration to make when choosing whitewater rafting paddles is the material properties. A high level of rigidity plays an integral role in achieving optimum energy transfer in a paddle stroke. A good rafting paddle should have the most flex in the shaft with carbon fibre or fibreglass reinforcement.

With this kind of paddle, you’ll get the best responsiveness out of water. If you’re looking for high-quality raft paddles for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Cheap Surf Gear offers a wide selection of water rafting equipment at competitive prices.

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