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Cheap Surf Gear is well known as a major player, providing a huge variety of surf, water sports and beach gear online across the globe.

Surf Gear Team

We Love All You Guys - Wherever You May Be :

There is no need to live in UK, USA or Europe, to get awesome deals and cheap delivery - many other online surf gear retailers add a hefty shipping charge anywhere outside of USA - and we basically think their delivery policies suck.

With us it is FREE Shipping Worldwide - EVERYTIME.

Our Core Values

We would like to enable and inspire everyone through their own adventure (waves and water can be enjoyed all year round) we have the warm and cold weather gear to facilitate your outdoor active lifestyle.

We do that by providing you guys with top quality surf gear, watersports gear, cool clothing and many outdoor accessories... at totally crazy low prices.

We offer not only high tech equipment, we also have a drive for adventure in the waves. We want to share that passion with you - say hello here, we're always super happy to share our knowledge, motivation and help you find the right tools to aid your adventures.

Our product and support team consists of a cool explorers (just like you), who search for the latest surf or paddle thrills across the planet. We had aspirations of a gear supplier that would not sacrifice quality but still at prices anyone could afford. It gives us huge satisfaction, for you to maximize YOUR adventure potential without going broke!

Welcome to Cheap Surf Gear - we are here at your call.

Winter Time? Summer Sun?

Whatever the season, we have thick wetsuits for the cold all the way to lightweight tredy beach wear for the summer months. We usually run various crazy end of each season deals.

We have you covered whatever the conditions may be at Cheap Surf Gear ! Holding a ton of awesome gear related to surf, water sports, wake boarding, paddle boarding and general summer adventures with luggage and accessories. Browse now, equipped with a 10% of promo coupon code : SURFTEN ... see you guys in the surf! :)

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