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Kayak Paddle Leash  -  Cheap Surf Gear
Kayak Paddle Leash  -  Cheap Surf Gear
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Kayak Paddle Leash
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Anyone who enjoys kayaking knows that having the best kayak paddle leash is an essential item if you want to prevent yourself or others from losing a paddle when it is needed the most.


No one wants to lose their paddle out on the water especially when you have invested on some nifty and expensive paddles. Don’t stall on buying yourself a kayak paddle strap / tether. This will assist and ensure that if you paddle slips out of your hands, you can easily retrieve it and prevent it from floating down too far with the current or weather conditions.

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Take your kayak or SUP board out and don’t forget to let your trusted paddle leashes from Cheap Surf Gear tag along. Attach your paddle to your kayak effortlessly and allow your hands to move freely without and hassle of holding onto your paddle when you don’t need it. Find also kayak paddles sale on our site as well.

The great thing about having rafting straps to accompany you on the water is that you can spend more time working on your techniques or creating memories instead of worrying about losing a paddle or having it get damaged along the way. Made from high quality materials which allow for your kayak paddle holder to stretch out with snapping. Check out our kayak gear collection to see more needed accessories like these great ones.


Finding your perfect paddle strap has never been this exciting because now you can choose from a variety of colours to match either your kayak, canoe or SUP or perhaps even your own personal style. Stand out with vibrant colour selections and make it that much easier to identify your paddle easily with the colour of your choice.

With extra length for ease of use and free movement of your hands, the practicality is definitely worth adding a few leashes to your packing list. Why not grab one for all your paddles or gift a fellow water enthusiast one of these for their paddles. A thoughtful but practical gift that anyone would appreciate and value for their kayak or SUP board.

With easy to clip on hooks made from durable and long-lasting steel and the high quality TPU material for the leash strap, you can be sure of your investment in one of Cheap Surf Gears awesome paddle straps. Gone are the days of swimming out to retrieve your child’s paddle or losing one due to currents, secure your paddles once and for all with these trusted accessories.

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