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MAGIDEAL Boogieboard Bag  -  Cheap Surf Gear
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MAGIDEAL Boogieboard Bag
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MAGIDEAL Boogie Board Cover  -  Cheap Surf Gear
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MAGIDEAL Boogie Board Cover
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MAGIDEAL Bodyboard Bag  -  Cheap Surf Gear
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MAGIDEAL Bodyboard Bag
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Summer is a great opportunity to spend time together as a family or with friends as the warmer weather and longer days lend themselves to a variety of outdoor activities that everyone can enjoy. Get active this summer at the beach learning a new sport or perfecting one from last summer. A fun one to try is body boarding. Riding waves are an ultimate thrill and once you start you will be hooked for life. There is no feeling like the exhilaration of catching and riding a wave.


Body boarding is a fun activity in the water that requires little more than a bodyboard and vest and bodyboard cover. If you take care of your bodyboard it will also last a long time and while this is not difficult it is important.

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Here a good quality cover will go a long way to protecting your board. Just like boards covers come in a myriad of types varying in color and material. Our bodyboard bags for sale will give you the choice of quality covers you are looking for.

These are hard wearing but light and easy to roll up and store when you are out riding the waves. Their design makes it easy to get your board in and out of the bag. Made of a light material they are easy to carry your board in to and from the beach. This is great when you are tired after a big session out on the waves.


Do not be deceived by the lightweight material of the bags. The material is strong and wont rip or tear very easily. Many of our bags also have padding inside to further protect your board.

A cover is a practical necessity but it can add to your look as well. Pick a style that fits your board and suits your style from a more bohemian look to a cover with more clean lines and colors.


Whether you are a lone wave hero that sets off at dawn to enjoy some quiet time out on the water or want to have some fun with your family passing on your love of this fun and thrilling sport or want to take that surf trip with your buddies that you have always dreamed off by investing in one of our bodyboard travel bags and boogie board covers bags your equipment will be safe and secure.

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