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BEAR SYMBOL Best Beach Chair  -  Cheap Surf Gear
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BEAR SYMBOL Best Beach Chair
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CSG Portable Beach Chair  -  Cheap Surf Gear
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CSG Portable Beach Chair
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CSG Beach Lounger  -  Cheap Surf Gear
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CSG Beach Lounger
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CSG Beach Lounge Chair  -  Cheap Surf Gear
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CSG Beach Lounge Chair
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CSG Low Beach Chair  -  Cheap Surf Gear
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CSG Low Beach Chair
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When it comes to camping and taking weekend trips away or simply spending a day at the beach, a quality chair is always a great companion. Take a look through our  beach stuff sale and find not only ultra-affordable but durable and reliable comfortable beach chairs for those lazy days out in the sun.


If you’ve always wanted your own companion to sit on around the campfire or at a friend’s barbeque, or perhaps even on the side lines at your child’s sports match but they have always been too expensive or not quite the right fit? Well Cheap Surf Gear brings affordability and high quality in the best beach chairs around along with great portable beach tables.

sandy beach chairs

From a more single one seater chair to a larger lounger style, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice on deciding which one to get. Why not buy two of the same and create the perfect outdoor chair set for you and your spouse. Those romantic holidays away just got more comfortable and a little closer with our inexpensive folding beach chairs tagging along.


No matter who will be using one of these chairs, whether in your family or with guests over; you can be sure of top quality frameworks and materials providing a sturdy seating place for almost anyone within the capacity limits. For those who might require a slightly more resilient chair and framework, we offer the sturdy beach chairs for heavy people, who might be more built, which can take up to 150 kilograms in weight.

The great features that each of these cheap sun chairs suggests that the price is the only thing cheap about them. With compact convenience, sturdy and resilient frameworks made from aluminium alloy, portable fold and pack away practicality with various sizes and styles to choose from. If you are looking for something to add a little fun to the days by the pool with friends, then you will see that in our collection we have the very cool CSG beach lounge chair which inflates easily and deflates quickly. Throw this lounger in the pool and hang out with your friends enjoying the sun and summer. Our clearance beach chairs will be a great addition to any outdoor activity or fun day out, simply pack in the car as it takes up minimal space, fold it out and sit back and enjoy the comfort. See here more of these beach stuff.

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