Carry Straps

Mesh Board Sling  -  Cheap Surf Gear
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Mesh Board Sling
$21.95 $52.95
Surfboard Carrier  -  Cheap Surf Gear
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Surfboard Carrier
$40.95 $80.95
Paddle Board Straps  -  Cheap Surf Gear
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Paddle Board Straps
$31.95 $78.95
SUP Carry Strap  -  Cheap Surf Gear
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SUP Carry Strap
$20.95 $34.95
Surf / Paddle Board Straps  -  Cheap Surf Gear
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Surf / Paddle Board Straps
$25.95 $41.95
Surfboard Sling  -  Cheap Surf Gear
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GYMTOP Surfboard Sling
$26.95 $65.95

This collection of high-quality surfboard straps is sure to impress. Let’s face it – carrying a board can be a little awkward, particularly if you’re climbing up or down a sand dune, or crossing rocky terrain. Thankfully, these carry straps are perfect for slinging over your surfboard, stand-up paddle board or wakeboard, so you can carry it with ease.

The collection includes paddle board carry straps, kayak carry straps and more. If you’re after a longboard sling, a sup carry strap or a surfboard sling, you’ll find it here. Many of the carry straps are unisex, so they can be used by both men and women. If you and your partner both love to surf, stand-up paddle board or wakeboard, why not purchase his and her straps? 

You’ll find that many of the carry straps feature a padded shoulder, so you can comfortably sling the strap across your body without feeling weighed down or uncomfortable. Some of the straps also come with a mesh bag, so you can store anything that you need to bring along – like keys, a water bottle, etc.

There’s a range of different designs to choose from, too. For example, one of the surfboard carriers consists of two ‘hooks’ (where your surfboard sits) and an adjustable, padded shoulder strap. One side of the ‘hook’ measures 24cm in height while the other side measures 17cm in height. There’s a width of 8cm at the base and 14cm at the opening. If you’re an avid surfer, this is a worthwhile investment that you’ll never regret.

The carry straps in this collection are also known for their strength. There’s nothing worse than a thin, flimsy strap that struggles to support your board properly. With any of the carry straps available here, you’ll never have to worry about that, as your board will always be supported. Once you’ve experienced what it’s like to transport your board with one of these carry straps, you’ll never look back!

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