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If you’ve just decided to take on SUP paddle boarding and have found the right board for you, but now need to acquire all the gear you need to enhance your performance, learning and experience; then SUP traction pads are definitely an item to add to your list. And for those who are looking to replace their current deck pads, why not explore the Cheap Surf Gear collection of traction pads available to suit your needs and preferences.


For those who surf or paddle out on any type of board know the importance of balance and stability, especially when trying to enhance your skill level and performance.

traction deck pad on sup board

Wax has always been a quick way to smear up your board and be able to paddle and stand up, feeling supported and stable. However, the traction pads or otherwise known as deck pads have quickly become a more comfortable and convenient alternative to using wax. As your SUP board, when wet, can become rather slippery; the last thing you want affecting your experience is to feel unbalanced and unsupported out on the waves.

The traction pads are designed in many styles with various features but all provide the same support and grip your feet need to balance and keep your feet firmly in place. Knowing you are supported from your feet and even on your chest when paddling out, you can be sure to experience a stronger and faster paddle out too.


With many different types of SUP boards or even surf boards as well as personal preferences, you want to be sure you are offered a great selection to choose from that will not only suit your skill level and stance but that can add a personal touch to your board too. Choose from various styles, prints and colours to personalise your experience or add a unique design to your board.

With advanced and high quality durable materials, you can feel supported and comfortable with the firm grip these traction pads can offer your SUP-ing experience. Keep your feet in place, secure your stance and balance on your SUP like a pro. When choosing the right deck pads for your board, make sure you select the right size and cut as well as reliable materials that will give you the grip you need without having to replace your deck pads anytime soon.

Get paddling and improve your performance with this collection of reliable, quality and well-designed traction pads from Cheap Surf Gear.

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