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Dogs are man’s best friend and we enjoy spending all our time with our favorite four legged friends. Dogs especially love spending time with you outdoors from walking and hiking and  running and even swimming. Just like us our dogs also need the right equipment to protect and keep them safe when enjoying these activities. We protect our eyes from the sun and the water and we need to do the same for our beloved four-legged companions. Our dog collection has even more to offer and you can discover all of that in dog beach accessories page.


Being a dog owner can be very satisfying and rewarding as dogs are loveable and loyal but it also means being responsible for your dog. This means taking into consideration their needs in different situations to ensure the health and wellbeing of your dog.

dog swimming wearing goggles

This extends beyond feeding them nutritious food and making sure they have their shots and vet visits. When our dogs join us in our swimming pool the chemicals in your pool can have the same effect on your dog’s eyes as they have on yours.

Protect your dog’s eyes with dog swim goggles. Made from hi-tech materials to protect your best friend’s sight these dog goggles not only protect your dog’s eyes from the water but also from the glare off the pool water and the bright sun.


Our eyewear is made especially for canines making them suitable for all breeds of dogs with dog goggles for small dogs to big ones. The eyewear is specifically designed to fit the lines of a dog’s face. Check out more in our dog collection and discover other useful gear and you can trust our word, your dog will be even more comfortable wearing these. The googles will also make them look really cool and funky and if your dog is small they will look too cute.

The next time you head out to the beach for the day with your best friend think of your dog’s sight and protect him from the sun and reflective water as well as the water itself. Even a day at the pool exposes a dog’s eyes to high levels of sun and chemicals in the pool if your dog is a water lover. Do the right thing when it comes to your dog’s health and safety and invest in their eyesight. The goggles for dogs are also made of hardy materials to last well regardless of the wear and tear they take. Know that your dog will be comfortable the entire day with their goggles and that their eyes will be protected.

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