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There are many different opinions out there about whether or not you can wear clothes under a wetsuit. This question has its cons and pros.

Some say you should not wear any clothes under your wetsuit while others say you can wear an undershirt or swimsuit underneath while being in a sea or surfing in the ocean. The truth is there are very few reasons not to wear clothes under ladies' wetsuit, but and men's as well.

 Most of the time you will need to wear clothes under your wetsuit because it can be very uncomfortable to go into the water unprotected. Some people may think that the wetsuit is enough protection for their body but it is not. The wetsuit does not protect your body from scratches, scrapes, or cuts.

So, if you hesitate and don't know whether your wetsuit will protect you without underneath clothing or not keep reading this article for more tips.

Can I Wear Boxer Shorts Underneath Wetsuit?

The weather is getting warmer, and with that comes the inevitable: the need to wear clothing in water - a wetsuit. Sure, the surfer guy and gal look cool with their skimpy little suits and high-cut midriffs; but we shore-dwellers need a little more coverage. 

I would recommend wearing boxer shorts under your male wetsuit. The main reason I would recommend this is because it will help trap your body heat, which will help keep you warm. It will also aid you in preventing chafing.

Do People Put on Underwear Underneath Their Wetsuits?

You've finally made up your mind to buy a wetsuit, but you're unsure if you can wear underwear under the suit. The answer to this question is no. You shouldn’t wear underwear under your wetsuit. Wearing underwear is not advised when wearing a wetsuit. It can create an uncomfortable feeling and it can cause chafing.

family on beach in wetsuits

This is because the underwear will not allow the wetsuit to move with you and will rub against your skin. You will also feel less snug and more restricted in your movements when you wear underwear underneath. If you do choose to wear underwear with your wetsuit, make sure it is snug and doesn't have any loose fabric.

Can I Wear a T-shirt Underneath Wetsuit?

In response to your concerns, wet suits can be worn with t-shirts underneath. Many people are unaware of the do's and donts when it comes to wearing t-shirts under a wetsuit. If you are wearing a wetsuit with a zip-up is the best way to go.

The outfit should be easy to remove if you get too hot, so don't wear anything bulky. Gather the sleeves of the t-shirt around your hands to prevent any of the garment getting caught in the zip of the wetsuit. However, we recommend using a sweat-wicking and moisture-wicking tee-shirt beneath the wetsuit. This will help to decrease the likelihood of discomfort.

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Can I Wear Long Johns Underneath Wetsuit?

Wetsuits are made of neoprene that is usually very thick, which makes it difficult to wear underwear or long johns underneath. This can be avoided by wearing thinner neoprene suits, which means you'll be able to wear the clothes you usually do when you're in the water.

Can I Wear Jeans Underneath a Wetsuit?

You may be wondering if it's safe and appropriate to wear jeans under a wetsuit. That is a great question. I would not recommend jeans underneath a wetsuit. If you are wearing a wetsuit designed for scuba diving, then you can wear anything that has a high moisture-wicking ability. I prefer and typically recommend wearing a high-quality pair of moisture-wicking underwear and a high-performance, moisture-wicking over-the-counter shirt.

The Best Type of Clothes to Wear Underneath a Wetsuit

Wetsuits are designed for water sports enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you're new to the game or you're a seasoned pro, wetsuits offer an unbeatable level of protection against the water's chilly temperature. It's important to note that there are many different types of wetsuits, with some being more specialized than others. Whether your water sport of choice is surfing, diving, or swimming, you can find a suit to suit your needs. It is also important to note that the wetsuit is not waterproof, so it is essential to wear appropriate clothing underneath it.

The best type of clothes to wear under a wetsuit is something that will keep you warm and dry. This type of attire is typically a wool or polyester blend. Cotton can be worn, but it will get wet and will not dry quickly. If you are committed to becoming an avid watersport participant, consider investing in a few of the following items. They will allow you to feel like you are completely prepared for any adventure on the water. The best thing to wear is a shirt and underwear made of water-resistant material.

Wetsuit Accessories

Many wetsuit accessories are designed to make activities easier when wearing a wetsuit. Accessories like the wetsuit hoodie, wetsuit zipper pad, and shoulder straps make it easier to put on and take off the wetsuit. Other accessories like the wetsuit belt, neoprene socks, and neoprene gloves make it easier to prevent chaffing during activities in the water.


The short answer is that, yes, you can wear clothes underneath a wetsuit. But there are some considerations to keep in mind. One of the benefits of wearing clothes under a wetsuit is that it makes it easier to put on your wetsuit without assistance. You can pull up your pants or skirt over the neoprene, zipping it up as you go, rather than pulling them up over your head, which can be complicated if you're alone. It is comfortable both for male and female scuba divers and snorkelers. Keep in mind that wetsuit can help you float


Can you wear cotton under a wetsuit?

The answer to this question is simply "No". A wetsuit is made to be worn next to the skin, so wearing clothing under it can impede the body's movement and trap sweat and wetness.

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What should a child wear under a wetsuit?

Full-body wetsuits are not appropriate for kids. Junior-sized wetsuits are available in most children's stores. These will be sized in small, medium, and large. Boys should wear briefs, not boxers. Girls should wear briefs or a one-piece suit, which is cut with bikini bottoms at the rear. In our store you can find a lot of cool ladies wetsuits, and keep in mind that a lot of wetsuits are on sale during whole year. When you go to the beach, pack bathing suits in separate bags.

How do you stay warm in a wetsuit?

Plan Ahead. Wetsuits are insulated so ensure you have the proper outfit for both before and after you don your wetsuit. The insulation helps prevent the wearer from being too cold, but it does not provide complete protection from the elements. Make sure that you have a jacket or a sweater to wear over your outfit under the wetsuit. Wetsuits are typically made of neoprene, a material that keeps a person dry, but not warm. A person can fight off the cold with clothing underneath.

At what temperature do you need a wetsuit?

he National Ocean Service recommends wearing a wetsuit if the water is below 60 degrees. In addition to water temperature, there are other variables that can play a role in your decision to wear a wetsuit. Even if the water is above 60 degrees, it may be colder because of winds.
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