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Croatia has been one of Europe's favorite holiday destinations for decades and is particularly popular with sun-seeking tourists of all ages. However, due to their geographical location, some parts of the country are not always surrounded by high pressure areas in summer.

Most people who live in Dubrovnik, the famous city in the south of the country, or visit the city as tourists, may have no idea what to do in bad weather or even heavy rainfall.

Although the weather in this part of the Adriatic is usually very nice, Dubrovnik and the surrounding region is not immune to rain. In this article, we have therefore put together some ideas and attractions for you to try out if you are unlucky enough to visit this city in weather that is not ideal for a beach holiday!

An Extended Visit to the Museum

Dubrovnik has some fascinating museums to impress its visitors, which are ideal for history buffs who want to learn more about the Balkans and its prehistory.

The most important museums that are really worth a visit are:

    travelers on sea shore against old fortress
    The "Red History Museum", which deals with communism and its effects on the whole of Yugoslavia. This form of government was different in the already disintegrating multi-ethnic state, of which Croatia was once a part, than in many other countries of the former Eastern Bloc. If you are ready to delve into the history of the second half of the 20th century in south-east Europe and want to know a little more about communism throughout Europe, a visit to this museum is definitely worthwhile.
  •    The city's "War Museum" houses an exhibition of photojournalism that deals with the armed conflicts in the former Yugoslavia from 1991 to 2001. The pictorial documents on display are at times deeply shocking, but the exhibition also shows photos of other and current wars that have raged around the world since then. Reference is also made to the ethnic persecution of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and the horrors and atrocities of the Syrian civil war are also shown.
  •    The famous Rector's Palace is a 15th century building where the former ruler of the city lived without his family during his period of office. This complex has been renovated and rebuilt several times over the centuries and even today this palace presents itself to its visitors in all its splendor.
  •    The Dubrovnik City Museum is located in the Dubrovnik Monastery. There you will find several current exhibitions on the general history of the city.
  •    But there is also a museum in the Franciscan monastery, which still fulfills its original function as a Christian building and is mainly dedicated to Croatian artifacts.
    And some of the film sets for Game of Thrones were shot in this very place!

Visit the City's Churches and Monasteries

There are many interesting churches and monasteries to discover in Dubrovnik's old town. The Church of the Redeemer is definitely worth a visit, but the Jesuit church of St Ignatius and the Dominican monastery are also well worth a visit.

If you are looking for a place to take shelter from possible bad weather during a walk through the city, these consecrated places will welcome you warmly outside church service times.

Of course, you can also visit the old Sephardi synagogue in Žudioska Ulica. There you will be able to learn more about Judaism in Dubrovnik and Croatia.

Where to Stay for the Night?

splendid dawn over dubrovnik

If you're on the lookout for a cozy spot to stay during your visit to the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, you might want to consider choosing a hotel that comes with its very own casino. These types of hotels offer more than just a place to rest your head – they bring an extra layer of entertainment to your stay.

Picture this: after a day of exploring the enchanting streets and historic sites of Dubrovnik, you can return to your hotel and try your luck at the casino right there on the premises. It's not just about finding a comfy bed; it's about adding a dash of excitement and fun to your travel experience.

By opting for a hotel with a casino, you're not only ensuring a good night's sleep but also opening up opportunities for some leisurely gaming without even leaving the premises. It's a convenient way to unwind, have a bit of thrill, and make your stay in Dubrovnik a memorable one. However, if you don't want to leave your room after a long and busy day, you'll enjoy another option. All you have to do is visit an online casino from your device, be it a laptop or mobile phone. Lucrative bonuses, a user-friendly interface, and a large collection of games are at your service. And in order to choose a casino with a really good reputation, you can visit and choose where to play slots today.

So, when you plan your accommodation for your Dubrovnik adventure, why not choose a hotel with a casino? It's like combining the comfort of a good hotel with the entertainment of a casino, making your trip a little bit more exciting.

The Escape Room in Dubrovnik

The fairly new concept of so-called "escape rooms" has spread to most cities around the world in recent years and has also arrived in the Dalmatian city.

The basic idea behind this new leisure activity is that you are locked in a room and can only escape if you answer the right questions to solve a puzzle.

If you are part of the ever-growing "Game of Thrones tourism" that regularly visits Dubrovnik, or if you are looking for a change of pace in rainy times, then Dubrovnik's Escape Room could be just the thing for you.

You can choose between two different room types: "Save King's Landing" (inspired by Game of Thrones) or "The Secret Treasures" of Dubrovnik, which is all about the city's culture and history.

Each task takes around 60 minutes to complete and can therefore be seen as the perfect place to be if a severe storm is brewing over the city!

Enjoy a Day Trip!

As bad weather can sometimes linger over the coastal town for a few days, a well-known local phenomenon in Dalmatia, a day trip to the area surrounding the town can also be worthwhile!

the famous bridge in the town of mostar

Here are some of our suggestions:

  •    Mostar, the largest city in Herzegovina, is also known as the "City of Sunshine" and is still ethnically very conflict-ridden.
  •    Cavtat, only 20 km from Dubrovnik, is a less busy tourist harbor town with some preserved cultural and historical buildings
  •    Montenegro, the republic on the south-eastern Adriatic coast, is one of Europe's smaller states but is blessed with epic scenery. It is generally recommended to visit Montenegro either with an organized tour or with a rented vehicle. On this day trip, you will most likely also visit Kotor, the picturesque town on the gulf of the same name, and Budva, an old town with a lot of culture and many beaches.
  •    The Bosnian capital Sarajevo, over four hours away from the Adriatic coast, is best visited with a guide.
    The city has a vibrant population and a rich cultural heritage, and your guide will make sure you see the most interesting places in the city in the time you have available!
  •    Dubrovnik is known for its lively nightlife at any time of year, and the weather really only plays a minor role!

Immerse Yourself in the City's Nightlife

If you are unlucky enough to have rainy weather during your entire stay in the city, you can still enjoy the many bars in Dubrovnik.

Among the many recommendations you should try, the wine bar D'vino, which exudes a dignified but also cool and classy atmosphere, is definitely worth a visit, but the Buzz Bar, which is known throughout the city for its local craft beer, always serves its guests magnificently.

However, if you want to turn night into day - even in bad weather - the Golden Sun Casino is open every evening until four in the morning. Even if you don't want to gamble too much, you can still enjoy a few delicious drinks in the in-house bar.

However, if you really want to try your luck. You should play it safe and find out in advance how casino games actually work. This is the only way to know what to expect.

How About a Wine Tour?

A local guide will take you on an organized day trip through extensive vineyards near Dubrovnik and, of course, offer you the opportunity to taste these delicious local wines!

Croatian wine is not in great demand on the international market, although there are many productive vineyards, especially in the south, which can also produce some good vintages. And once you have got to know these Croatian products on your trip through the vineyards, you will probably want to take a bottle or two home with you as a souvenir.

Fancy a shopping trip?

There are many great shops in the Stradun area of the old town center. Here you can stock up on souvenirs and, of course, all kinds of Game of Thrones merchandise! If you are looking for larger shopping centers, the SubCity Centre in Srebreno on the outskirts of the city is the place to be.

Treat yourself to Nautika!

Nautika is one of the best restaurants in the city and a must if you want to treat yourself to something delicious. Although the menu doesn't include cheap dishes, you can be sure that it's well worth a visit!

Savor the fresh and local dishes here, which of course also include a wide variety of fish and seafood, freshly caught daily from Adriatic waters!

Hopefully these suggestions have inspired you if you want to experience something special on a rainy day in Dubrovnik. After all, there are plenty of interesting things to discover in this wonderful city, even on a rainy day.

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