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If you're a guy, a beach sarong is a key piece of clothing for your tropical vacation. This traditional beachwear is loved by women. However, male beach sarongs are becoming increasingly popular. A sarong is a perfect answer for summer heat, they look great on men, so it's no wonder why so many men love wearing sarongs to the beach. In this article, we are going to describe how should a man wear a sarong to look more cool, stylish, and edgy.

Why Do Guys Like to Use Sarong?

It is common for men to wear sarongs in Southeast Asia and beyond. Sarongs are a piece of cloth that is draped around the body and secured by a knot or tuck. The sarong can be worn as a dress or as outerwear and may be worn as a sarong dress, sarong skirt, sarong shirt, sarong trousers, or sarong dress. The beauty of the sarong is that it transitions from day to night seamlessly.

One reason why men wear sarongs is that it's a comfortable way to cover up. In some cultures, men often wear sarongs as a show of masculinity. For example, the people of the Wa tribe of Ghana wear a sarong to indicate they are a man. 

In recent years, more and more men are making a unique sarong at home. There are many reasons that a beach sarong is popular among men. One reason is that it can be used to cool off, dry, and protect the wearer from the sun.

how to wear a men's sarong

Another reason is that they can be used to create a sense of privacy and protection from the sun for the wearer. Another reason is that they can be used as a towel, a table cloth, and provide shade for people lying in the sun.

The final reason is that they are easy to pack and are lightweight and make men stylish. Men can wear sarongs to make themselves stand out. The sarongs are easy to carry which is perfect for men who are always on the go. Sarong is quick to dry, they are available in most lengths and many different styles, so there's one that's perfect for every man’s body type.

The Basic Steps for Wearing a Men’s Sarong

Men wearing sarongs, or saris, is becoming more and more popular in today's society. The clothing has so many benefits both to the wearer and the outside world. Sarong is also called lungi. There are a few details that are worth noting. It is important to remember the traditional method of wearing a sarong before getting into any of the specifics. The sarong is worn by crossing it around the waist. The free end of the sarong is then tucked into the sarong to hold it in place. Wrapping it in this fashion ensures that the sarong does not slip out of place.

sarongs for men

The sarong is a garment that's traditionally worn in the Far East, and has become a popular alternative to swimwear. Wearing a sarong provides you with protection from sand and insects. They're great for people who don't want to wear swimwear at the beach, but are still looking for some protection from unwanted sand. Before you start, ensure the sarong is the right size for you. The fabric should feel comfortable around your waist and should be long enough to wrap around to cover your chest and legs.

Beach Wrap Style for Men

Most men are aware of the different ways of wearing a sarong. They can style it long, wrap it around your torso, or even tie it around their neck. How to wear a sarong There are two ways of wearing a sarong for men: the Malay way and the Samoan way.

In the Malay way, you place the sarong on your left shoulder and pull it across to your right hip. There's a special technique to tie the sarong, which involves bringing it back from your hip, crossing it from left to right across your waist, and then tying it in a knot. The Samoan way is a little different and more complicated. It starts with the sarong on your left shoulder and then you cross it behind your back and tie it at the front. You then wrap the sarong over your left shoulder and then back over your right.

Benefits of Wearing Sarong for Men

Sarongs are a great way for men to stay cool on hot days. They are lightweight, provide plenty of ventilation, are easy to pack into your bag, are comfortable, are available in a variety of colors, and are great for pairing with other clothes. Men should know that beach sarongs are great at keeping them cool and protecting them from the sun. The fabric can be used to cover up if they are getting too hot or to provide protection from the sun.

Final Thoughts

A sarong for men is a great piece of clothing to use as a part of everyday life and as a stylish accessory on a beach. It comes in a wide variety of choices and the market shows an increasing demand for this type of clothing each year.

Consider buying sarongs as a present for your girlfriend, mom or sister, they will love them for sure! Happy wrapping!

 Commonly Asked Questions

  1.     Are sarongs for men?

Yes, sarong, the word comes from the Malay language and it's a piece of cloth worn as a traditional dress by both adults and children. In some countries, it's called a skirt, sarong or lungi.

  1.     How do you wrap a male sarong?

Lay the sarong flat, then fold it into three layers. Fold the side ends into long strips. Wrap around the waist, hold the left end, then wrap the right end over it, then pass it around front. Bind the ends together.

  1.     What is a guy's sarong called?

The popular name reflects the Malay origin of the word sarung from the root word sarang which means "loincloth"

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