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If you're a guy who loves swimming and surfing, board shorts are pretty much an essential piece of clothing. However, they're not cheap, when you consider how many surfers there are in the world. So, tying your shorts for the first time can be scary!

Board Shorts For Men

Board shorts are the perfect go-to for anyone not wanting to be suffocated in jeans or underwear on a hot summer day. Less padded or constricting than long boardshorts, shorter boardshorts are great for the busy person who is still looking for ways to stay cool on hot summer afternoons. Today's blog post will focus on how to tie board shorts and here are some tips. Step 1: Loosen the drawstring on the shorts, then tie it in a knot at the waist. Step 2: Take the two sides of the knot, pass them down to the crotch, then cross them in an "X" shape. Step 3: Take the right side of the knot, and pass.

How to Wear Board Shorts Correctly

Shorts are a hot commodity in the summertime. Whether it's a pair of Chino shorts for a day at the beach or a pair of board shorts for a day on the boat, a well-fitting pair of shorts can make or break a summer day. Chino shorts should hug the thigh and be tight enough to keep from riding up, but not so tight as to cut off circulation. Board shorts, on the other hand, should be looser around the thigh and around the leg as well as the waist. A good rule of thumb for these is to look for a length that's just long enough to cover the special area.

How to Wear and Correctly Tie Board Shorts

So, you've just bought a pair of trunks for surfing in the hot summer water. Great. But now you don't know how to tie them? Don't worry, there are plenty of ways to do it. There are two ways to tie a board short depending on your desired style. If you want them to look like they're just hanging down, then you want the knot to be on the side of your hip. If you want them to look like they're just hanging down, then you want the knot to be on the side of your hip. To make the knot, hold one end of your board shorts with your hand, thread the other end through the loop, pull it tight, and tuck the thread.

How to Tie

There are a few different ways to tie your board shorts, but I'm going to show you one way. First of all, make a loop with the right side of the material, and clip it together with a simple knot. Next, take the left part of the material and make a loop around the right side. Afterward, pull the left side of the material through the right loop. Pull the loops to tighten them, and if your knot is too loose, you can tie another knot at the end. Hope this will help.

men in swim shorts

How to Tie Your Board Shorts Using 5 Ways

Swim trunks are made to be worn sporty, not as formal wear. Knowing how to tie them is important because you will need some mobility to do some of your favorite water sports activities. Learning how to tie them will also help you avoid getting frustrated with the different ways board shorts are tied. There are five preset ways to tie your board shorts, but you can also tie them your own way. The five preset ways are: 1) the knot 2) the bowknot 3) the president 4) the classic 5) the butterfly.

How to Stand Out in the Crowd

A lot of men wear board shorts during their summertime adventures. Board shorts are great because they let your legs breathe and they feature a more flattering fit than typical swim trunks. But there's nothing worse than wearing an ugly board short. How can you make sure you're rocking the best go-to-pieces for summer?

Easy, the first step: find some board shorts that fit your personality and sense of style. There's a board short out there for everyone and it's important to find the one that matches you. These days, board shorts come in a range of styles and colors. They come in solid colors, stripes, patterns, and even prints with little novelty details like palm trees or flamingos. If you still want to be different, you can try to make unique board shorts just for you at any time by yourself.

Why Do Men Love Boars Shorts?

Have you ever wondered why men are so obsessed with wearing board shorts? There are so many articles out there on women who prefer men in board shorts, but nobody ever talks about why. In the next few lines, we'll attempt to answer that question. Board shorts are great for men because they are so darn comfortable! They are perfect for the beach, for water sports, and for men just lounging about the house. Check out these reasons why board shorts are so popular with men. I love board shorts. Fact. I love their lightweight, quick-drying nature and their versatility in both athletic and social events. I love their ability to stand up on their own and their ease of wear. Wearing board shorts is a great way to spend your time surfing, swimming, or spending the day at the beach. They're super comfortable and they have all the benefits of a bathing suit, with the added benefit of being a little bit more breathable.

The Most Popular Board Shorts

Flamingo swim shorts

Have you ever imagined what the best flamingo swim shorts would look like? If you have, then you know how truly difficult it is to find the perfect swimming bottoms for a pool party or to wear down at the beach. Some people call them to swim trunks or board shorts, but most beach-goers know them as swim shorts. And in my opinion, there is nothing more comfortable than wearing a pair of swim shorts while lounging by the water. However, it can be a bit tricky to shop for swim shorts, especially if you want to make a statement.

colorfull board shorts

Blue swim shorts

Are you a blue swim board shorts fanatic? Does that leave you feeling lost at sea when you can't find your favorite shorts? There are plenty of blue swimming trunks available on the market. As you are shopping around, you will find many different varieties of these swim trunks. Some may be too short, some may not be the right material, and some may not be of the right size. But, if you look carefully, you will find the right pair of men's swimming trunks for your body type and style.

Unlined swim shorts

Men's unlined swim shorts are favored by many men. They are great for swimming and water sports but their best use is just for relaxing. If you are one of those men who love to visit beaches and spend leisure time there then unlined swim shorts is your best choice. The best men's unlined board shorts are the ones with unlined pockets and not the ones that have pockets lined with metal to keep your money secure. Unlined board shorts are a more traditional look.

tied swim shorts

Final Thoughts

Conclusion: Tying your board shorts can be a bit tricky, especially if you've never done it before. Luckily, we're here to help! We hope you enjoyed our tips and that you now feel more confident in tying your own board shorts. When you finally make your first board shorts, consider should you wear something under board shorts, as it could be a good idea.  If you have any questions or need help with anything else, read our next articles. In addition to articles like this, you can also find some that are talking about boardshorts for ladies

Commonly Asked Questions

How do you tie drawstring shorts?

Homemade drawstring shorts.

Step 1: Decide how narrow you want the top of your shorts to be. Fold your shorts in half and make a small mark on the fabric, half the width you want.

Step 2: On the raw edge of your shorts, about half an inch from the fold, sew a string or narrow ribbon. I used ribbon because it was easy but use whatever you want. Sewing a little lighter will help the string last longer.

Step 3: Once you've sewn the ribbon onto your shorts, fold the fabric in half and sew a chain link that attaches your ribbon.

Step 4: Once you've seen the chain link, cut the ribbon and chain.

Why do men's shorts have netting?

Men's shorts have netting to keep from chaffing and getting jock-itchy down there.

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