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If you've never sewn your child's shorts before, you'll be happy to learn how to do so from this step-by-step tutorial. First, you will need to cut out the pattern from your fabric, which you can get from this free shorts sewing pattern. Step two is to begin sewing the shorts, beginning by sewing the inside seam. Then, you will need to add an elastic waistband and sew the side seam.

Step 1 – Assemble and Cut Out the Shorts

To begin sewing the free shorts pattern, print it on regular printing paper. Cut along the pattern lines, and lay the fabric in a rectangle shape. Pin the pattern to the fabric at the fold, and then cut along the lines using sharp sewing shears. You will now have a single side of shorts with the front and back pieces together.

Next, assemble the shorts. You will need four pieces of fabric - one for the front, two for the back, and a strip for the belt. Place the front and back pieces right sides together, and then fold one over the other by four inches. You will need about four layers of fabric. Fold the top piece over by the center. Make sure the length is even. Mark a piece of fabric with your hip round measurement on it and cut the shorts accordingly.

Now, you are ready to begin sewing! Begin by folding the front leg lengthwise, and then lining up the cuff with the folded edge of the fabric. Use a zigzag stitch or pinking shears to finish the edges. Then, fold the front and back legs so that they fit tightly. Finally, sew the waistband to a separate piece, and press.

Step 2 – Begin to Sew the Shorts

When making your child's shorts, the most important step is making sure they fit correctly. If you are using an elastic waistband, make sure to overlap the elastic by an inch and twist it to make a loop. Then, sew the edges together with a zigzag stitch. Place pins at the center of the elastic band and align them with the seams of the shorts.

Start by folding the top edge down by 3/4 inch. You should now have a two-inch opening in the center of the shorts. Thread the elastic through this opening and overlap it by one inch. Pull it into the shorts to finish. Add a tag to the back of the shorts. Turn the hem of the shorts so that the top is 1/2" above the curved edge of the front.

You can use old clothes to make your shorts. First, cut a pattern from a T-shirt. Use a ruler to measure the length of the shorts and the length of the fabric.

Then, fold up the bottom by an inch and line up the pattern pieces. You will now have a finished bottom! If you'd like to make your own, use an old t-shirt and a T-shirt.

Step 3 – Sew the Inner Seam to the Shorts

You will need to fold the shorts twice with the right sides together, and then sew the inner seam to the shorts. There are four ways to mark the seam for the elastic band, and you can use the top of the shorts as a guide. Use a stretch stitch and a three-eighths seam allowance. Once the shorts are hemmed, iron the seams to remove any creases.

When sewing shorts, always start with a pair of shorts that fits properly. If you're not familiar with pants sewing, you can also learn to sew pants. You will need enough fabric for a pair of shorts, or enough to make a pair of pants. To make a pair of shorts, you'll need about two yards of fabric, and you can cut the pieces to size. The exact amount of fabric will depend on the size of the shorts or pants you're making.

Fold the waistband on the wrong side and sew it on the inside of the shorts. You should also use an overlock stitch to finish the seam. Make sure the seam is neat and even, and you'll want to avoid a bunch of wrinkles on the wrong side. Once you've finished hemming the shorts, you'll need to sew the waistband to complete the project.

Step 4 – Add the Elastic Waistband to the Shorts

The first step in adding an elastic waistband to your children's shorts is to make the buttonholes. To do this, fold the shorts from the front and press a buttonhole ripper along the right edge. Then, cut the inner waistband and fold it over the top edge. Use a buttonhole chisel or seam ripper to open up the buttonhole. Then, fold the inner waistband and place it over the waistband's seam. To finish your shorts, you may use a glue stick to hold it in place. Before you start sewing, you may want to move the belt loop out of the way and slide it under the presser foot.

To attach the elastic waistband to your child's shorts, start by folding them in half width-wise and length-wise. Once you've made them long enough, fold the shorts again to match the bottom edge. Make sure the crotch is tight. Fold the second piece over the first one and press the edges inside. Sew along the folded edge, leaving an opening in the center back of the shorts for the elastic waistband.

board shorts kids

Step 5 – Finish Making the Shorts

Next, sew the front and back pocket pieces together. They should be centered and paired, and the seams should be sewn up the center back and crotch. Make sure to stitch the top edges of the pockets in place.

Once the shorts are finished, you can add a hook and eye to the top of the zipper. To make the pockets, cut two pieces of fabric the length of the shorts plus four inches.

Fold each piece by 4 inches at the center. Place the fabric on top of each other and mark the center of the top cloth. Next, cut the top cloth to fit the desired hip round measurement.

Now, you can hem the shorts. First, fold the bottom edge down by one inch. This creates a casing for the elastic waistband. Sew along the edge of the shorts, leaving a small gap for the elastic to go through. After stitching the bottom edge, turn the shorts right side out and press them. Then, use a decorative stitch or a zipper to finish making the shorts.


Children's shorts are a great way to let your little ones enjoy the summer weather while keeping their legs protected from the sun. Here are a few tips on how to make the perfect pair of shorts for your child: Start with a comfortable pair of shorts that fit well. Add a waistband or drawstring to keep the shorts in place. Hem the shorts to the desired length. Add embellishments or appliques to personalize the shorts. With these simple tips, you can easily make a pair of shorts that your child will love to wear all summer long!


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How do you make kids shorts?

Making kids shorts from scratch is not as difficult as one might think. With a few simple supplies and some patience, anyone can do it! First, gather your supplies.

You will need a pair of shorts, a sewing machine, and thread. Next, measure your child’s waist and hips. Using these measurements, cut the shorts to the appropriate size. Once the shorts are cut, sew the side seams and the waistband.

Finally, hem the shorts, and voila! You’ve made a pair of cute shorts for your little one.

How can I make my kids' shorts without a pattern?

There are a few different ways that you can make kids' shorts without a pattern. One way is to use a pair of shorts that your child already owns as a template.

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Another way is to fold a piece of fabric in half and cut it to the desired length. You can also use a pair of leggings or pants as a guide.

Whichever method you choose, be sure to add a seam allowance so that the shorts will fit your child comfortably.

How do you make toddler shorts without a pattern?

If you're looking to make toddler shorts without a pattern, there are a few things you'll need to keep in mind. First, you'll need to measure your toddler's waist and hips to get the right fit.

You'll also need to decide on the length of the shorts - keep in mind that most toddler shorts fall just above the knee. Once you have those measurements, you can cut your fabric accordingly. To sew the shorts, simply hem the waist and legs of the shorts, and then sew the sides together. Voila - you've just made a pair of toddler shorts without a pattern!

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