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Mahmutlar is a small resort village 12 kilometers from Alanya. The location attracts tourists with exquisite architecture, alluring scenery, special entertainment, a warm Mediterranean Sea, a huge strip of beach and reasonable prices.

The resort is located away from the nearest airport, so the holiday is cheaper than in Alanya or Antalya, even in the peak beach season. It is a well-appointed, cozy town where there are more locals than tourists-packers. It is intensively built up with spacious villas, mid-range hotels and boarding houses. Being aware of increasing demand on real estate in the area, the developers establish reasonable prices real estate in Mahmutlar.

For this reason, foreigners should be aware of the characteristics of a trusted developer and how not to lose their money and time. 

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Criteria for Choosing a Developer in Mahmutlar

If you are determined to invest in real estate in Mahmutlar and have even chosen an object, do not rush to sign the contract with the developer.

Signing a contract proves the agreement of a buyer with all the conditions and terms of the transaction.

To avoid possible regrets, perform the following actions before buying:

  • Visit the official website of the developer.

The website of the developing company is the source where all necessary information is represented. If the company has nothing to worry about, the data will be open. As a buyer, you will have to analyze the period of existence of the company on the market, contacts, description and location of objects, layout, and links to social networks.

  • Search and read reviews.

Now it is extremely difficult to hide information about the distrusted companies and their bad work on the Internet. People who have lost their money or have unpleasant experiences after working with a definite organization will do everything to reduce the number of potential clients.

  • Visit a construction site.

Visit a real estate site under construction in Turkey. So you will see with your own eyes how the construction progress, assess the infrastructure of the area, you will understand what nuances of the future residential complex the developer was silent about.

  • Communicate with several developers at the same time.

When you contact several developers, you get a better understanding of the market. The versatile picture of offers and benefits will influence your final choice.

Signs That a Buyer Should Avoid a Developer

Purchase of real estate abroad is always a responsible step. The success of this step is greatly predetermined by the choice of the reliable developing company. If you have to face one of the above-mentioned unpleasant situations in the process of a deal, you do not need to sign the contract with this developer.

  • The developing company does not have a pack of obligatory documents or refuse to provide them at all.
  • There are some special zones in the city where multi-storey construction is allowed. If the property located on the plot which is not mentioned in the list, it represents an unscrupulous developer.
  • The lower cost of the square meter than the average on the market. Real estate in a sunny Mahmutlar cannot be cheap.
  • The reviews on the website of the developing company as well as those on the Internet are only positive or only negative and have a synonymous formulation.
  • Time of completion of previous objects does not correspond to the previously announced. There may be some objective reasons but potential risks are not necessary.

Additional Recommendations for Buyers

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If you have an opportunity to visit Mahmutlar and check the quality of the already delivered objects, it will be a rational decision. You will have a chance not only to see and evaluate the quality of construction in person but to communicate with the residents and learn some useful information from their experience.

One more important recommendation is to choose the housing objects on the trusted website.

An aggregator Turk.Estate provides information about properties from competent developers with a portfolio of impressive constructions. There is a wide choice of professionals on the website for buyers to find out the most suitable one.

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