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If you are planning to purchase scuba diving fins, you will need to know what to look for when buying them. There are six features that you should always make sure are in the fins you purchase. The six features are side straps, heel strap, blade shape, heel flex, cuff size, and blade size. The side straps on the fins should have a buckle, while the heel strap should have a Velcro closure. The side straps should be designed so they wrap around the leg and the heel strap should be fitted to a larger person’s heel. The blade shape of a scuba diving fin is usually either teardrop or round that is made from a fiberglass or plastic material. This complete scuba fins buying guide will reveal the types of fins as well as other important technical information and tips for scuba gear.

How Long are Scuba Fins for Divers

You can't have a summer without scuba fins. First, let's introduce the basics. Scuba fins are used by scuba divers to propel themselves underwater. They are typically clipped together to form a pair for diving but are often worn as a single fin.

The straps are usually worn between the ankle and calf muscles for stability. The best thing about scuba fins is that they are designed for comfort. They are also surprisingly lightweight. Fins are perfect for long periods of diving. They are recommended to anyone who wants to spend hours underwater. The average scuba fin height ranges from 15 to 14 inches long. This is a great beginner fin for a small to average height diver that is looking for a lightweight fin. If a diver is a bit taller or requires a slightly more advanced model, they should consider a sturdier fin, such as the Atomic Aquatics Mag-10 KX fins. A divers height affects the size of the scuba fins they choose for their diving.

How Much do Scuba Diving Fins Cost

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Scuba fins are a necessity when it comes to diving. Scuba fins are a pair of webbed flippers, fitted to the feet, which provide the diver with propulsion and directional control. This is a very important piece of equipment as it provides the diver with a stable platform from which to explore the underwater world. The average price for a scuba mask, snorkel and two scuba fins is about $150. A pair of high-quality fins will cost about three times this price.

Scuba fins can cost up to a few hundred dollars a pair, largely depending on the type of fins. It is important to remember that not all materials are created equal. Some will be more comfortable and easier to use, while others will be cheaper and not as durable.

How to Use Scuba Diving Fins

One of the most important purchases that aspiring scuba divers should make is a pair of scuba fins. Scuba fins are attached to the diver's feet and are what propel the diver underwater. As you learn more about scuba diving, you will learn how important it is to move quickly under the water. Scuba fins are the best way to swim around your favorite dive destination. If you are using scuba fins for the first time, they might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but after some practice, they will fit right in.

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How to Size Scuba Dive Fins

Every scuba diver has their own opinion on how to size their equipment, but this fins sizing guide will hopefully help you out. The first thing to know is that fins are measured in centimeters, so you need to take the measurement in centimeters of your foot or calf, whichever one is bigger. You don't have to worry about adding an extra centimeter because the fins are different lengths. The shorter fins are typically used for snorkeling, so if you are looking for short fins, size yourself with your foot or calf measurement. The longer fins are typically used for diving, so if you are looking for longer fins, size yourself with your calf measurement.

Buying Scuba Fins. Guide With Tips for Scuba Diving

If you are looking for scuba fins, you will find that there are many types of scuba fins to choose from. There are two types of scuba fins available. You can decide to purchase a pair of open-heel fins or closed-heel fins.

Open-heel scuba fins allow better ankle articulation, which will increase the efficiency of your kick. This means that you will be able to kick with much more power, much faster. In order for an open-heel fin to work, the shoe compresses in a little bit to allow the fin to attach snugly to your foot. Well, you might be asking yourself how in the world does a fin attach to a shoe that is a solid piece of rubber? One side of the fin has a rubber strip that will wrap around the top of the shoe and hold it in place so it will not move.

Closed heel fins provide a more controlled and balanced swim with reduced drag. Swimming with fins that have a closed heel tends to be more comfortable than open heel fins because there is no uncomfortableness from having your foot pressing against the fin blade the entire time.

To Sum Things Up

Scuba fins are so cool and people love the idea of being able to go cage diving and do underwater exploration. To be able to wear scuba diving fins and become a creature of the deep, exploring deep reefs and the depths of the ocean was too unique and it made me want to learn more about scuba diving. Scuba diving fins are meant to provide power for those who are underwater to propel the diver forward. Scuba diving fins also provide maneuverability and control for divers.


While buying scuba diving fins ensure they fit and that the amount and type of propulsion are appropriate for your size and for what you plan to use them for. Diving fins are great both for beginners and already experienced divers and are an important part of your scuba diving gear. Hope this buyers guide was useful for you so you can choose and use only high quality scuba dive fins.

Commonly Asked Questions

What's the difference between flippers and fins?

Fins are often used as the main form of propulsive movement for scuba diving, underwater skin diving, and surfing. A fin is a generally thin, flat surface attached to the foot or the bottom of the foot, generally on the back of the foot, that provides thrust to an animal or person partaking in water-based activities.

What is the difference between fins and flippers and do scuba fins differ from snorkeling ones? Fins are used for steering or moving them around. A flipper is also an artificial device that is attached to the foot used to swim, but they are less common than fins, and they are typically not used for underwater activities. Flippers are more commonly used for water sports like surfing. A fin is typically used as the main form of propulsion for scuba diving.

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Can I wear open heel fins without boots?

The open heel fins are common among expert divers due to their ability to easily kick them off. These fins are often called "toed down." Open heel fins can be used with or without boots, so these fins are popular for use in colder waters. When used without boots, one should take caution. 

Are short fins better than long fins?

Long fins are some of the best options for both new and experienced divers. They are primarily used for moving through the water while the diver is stationary. Long fins are primarily used for practising or teaching basic diving techniques.

What is the longest a snorkel can be?

The longest snorkel can be 12 feet long.
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