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Summer is around the corner which means more time outside in the sun! Whether you're on the beach or at the park, it's important to have a way to shield yourself from the sun. One of the most convenient ways to do this is with a beach umbrella. Beach umbrellas are great for several reasons, but their most popular feature is that they can be anchored in the sand. This helpful article provides some tips on how to keep your beach umbrella from blowing away. There are various methods to fix an umbrella in gusty weather. Do you know how to keep umbrellas from blowing away? Tying the umbrella to a chair is a great way to keep it from blowing away. You can use sand weights or bricks are make your own sand weights by filling an old sock up with sand. See our tips and tricks that will help you protect your beach umbrella from blowing away whatever it is your patio umbrella or a beach umbrella.

How to Anchor Beach Umbrella

Sand Anchor

Blowing umbrellas will always be an issue at the beach. Your beach umbrella is supposed to provide protection, but this is no job for amateur hour. The trick is to get creative with heavy objects to act as anchors.

When it's time to pack up, simply fold the umbrella and then bury it under one or two sandbags or water jugs filled with sand. This will keep it grounded until it's time to get home. This trick is also good for your poolside and helps protect the patio umbrella from blowing away if you have sand.

Anchor Stake

The beach umbrella is a great item to take to the beach in order to protect yourself from the sun. The following tips can help you anchor your beach umbrella properly in order to preserve it. Determine the best location for your beach umbrella. Dig a hole in the sand or soil that is deep enough for the stake to go in and wide enough for the shaft of the umbrella to fit in. Put a foot of sand in the bottom of the hole. Hammer the stake down with a rubber mallet. Slowly lower the umbrella's shaft into the hole, spraying a little water from a water bottle to help it slide into place.

How to Install Beach Umbrella

umbrellas on beach

Check that you have a sturdy, level surface to place your umbrella. Bring your new outdoor umbrella outside and clear a space of enough room to set it up. If it has a canopy, remove any excess stickers and parts from the base and canopy. Unfold the canopy and fasten the ribs to the underside of the canopy. If it has a tie-out cord, spread this out from the mounting hole to the desired location, and bury the tie-out cord beneath the sand or soil. Insert the bottom pole of the umbrella pole into the base, and slide it upwards. Insert the top pole of the umbrella pole into the base, and slide it upwards. Finish by securing the top pole into the mounting hole on top of the umbrella.

How to Choose a Beach Umbrella to Be Wind Resistant

Beach umbrellas are strong enough to withstand strong winds so you can stay at the beach even during stormy weather. When choosing an umbrella, first determine the canopy size you want. You can then assess your needs to determine the wind resistance that will be best for you. When you are buying an umbrella, invest in one with strong steel shafts and fiberglass ribs.

The ribs should be sturdy enough to be able to take high winds. Select an umbrella that has a solid handle or an easy-grip handle for easier carry. The ribs should be curved and there should be at least three for wind resistance.

The Strength of the Wind is another factor in determining which umbrella is best for you. To make your choice, simply know your wind speed and choose the appropriate umbrella.

  • For speeds between 8-12 mph, we recommend a 9-foot umbrella or above.
  • For speeds between 12-14 mph, we recommend a 10-11 foot umbrella.
  • For speeds above 14 mph, we recommend an 11-12 foot umbrella.

In addition to considering wind speed, it's important to consider the size of the umbrella.

The Importance of Air Vents for Keeping Your Beach Umbrella Secure


Air vents help to prevent our umbrellas from toppling over or blowing away. There are many things that can lead to the toppling of umbrella-like strong winds, rain, or even flapping. The air vents allow these flaps to escape outward and avoid disturbing their balance. The air vents are important for ensuring that the umbrella stays in place even if it becomes exposed to high winds or rain.

Before spending time at the beach, you should always make sure that both the poles and the air vents are in good condition. Air vents are used to help steady your umbrella by providing stability. The air vents also help to release the air trapped inside the pole. Over time, the air vents can become clogged with sand and debris.

To Sum Up

You head out to the beach for a day of relaxation. You pack a bag with sunscreen, snacks, and your favorite novel. But as soon as you open your umbrella, it starts to blow away! Beach umbrellas are notorious for not staying in place. There are a few hacks that you can use to keep your umbrella from blowing away. Place a weight on top of the umbrella. Place a weight on the bottom of the umbrella near the ground. Use a rubber band to tie a weight to a leg of the umbrella. If you still have problems with your umbrella going off into the distance, have a handy friend or family member hold it down for you. Now you know how to secure beach umbrellas and may enjoy your vacation.

orange umbrella at beach

Frequent Questions

Do beach umbrella anchors work?

This blog post will answer one of the most frequently asked questions from beachgoers: do beach umbrella anchors work? In short, the answer is yes! The anchors are a great way to keep beach umbrellas in place so you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing day at the beach.

Are beach umbrellas worth it?

As the summers get longer and the weather gets hotter, it is important to be prepared for any sudden storms that may come. Also, it is important to protect your skin from the sun.

What is the sturdiest beach umbrella?

One where the umbrella's frame is made from powder-coated steel, also it has the ability to double as a parasol, giving you the most protection from the sun.

Who sells the best beach umbrellas?

While it’s difficult to say for sure what is the best, it’s worth looking into some great options. You might want to go on Amazon. If you go to their website, you can order any number of beach umbrellas. They also offer some really great deals for bundles, like the beach chair bundle that comes with the sun umbrella and four beach chairs.
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