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Surfing the waves is the constant art of overcoming and literally going over the edge as you learn how to take risks and still maintain the right balance. It's like learning to swim, ride a bicycle, or complete your first independent school assignment! The trick is to listen to your inner voice, apply analysis, and use strategic thinking to the best of your ability. While one may not be able to predict it all, achieving your goals on and off the water is mostly done the same way! It's the art of solving problems as they come or rise with the high tides. 

Although there may seem to be too much on your plate, take one step at a time and try to evaluate the situation, just like when surfing. Once you approach different challenges the same way, your horizon will seem much clearer and broader as you learn how to stay in control!

The Timing is Everything!

When you are striving for victory, taking your time to step back and think is sometimes more important than throwing yourself into the chaos of the unknown.

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Stay Focused and Train Your Reaction!

Remember that one of the skills that you have to train and develop is learning how to avoid distractions and stay focused no matter what. It is one of those tasks that you have to achieve as you surf on water or try to write your thoughts down.

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Strategic Thinking, Planning, and Analysis!

Analyze every situation and apply strategies and plan things ahead as you approach problems. March to your own drum, believe in yourself, and learn to become a strong leader!

Inner Balance is The Key!

It’s something that some people are born with, yet daily training and adherence to strict discipline can help you to learn how to balance your temper and control your movements. The same works with writing, as many students find out once they calm down and think over the things that inspire them or go beyond the textbooks. Think about the ways to express your opinion differently, and do not be afraid to question what everyone else says as you are reaching victory and learn how to overcome various barriers your way. You have to work hard to find your inner voice and learn to listen and take tips as you approach the challenges!

Knowing Your Limitations Matter!

We all love to take risks, especially when we are surfing, and let the water carry us through it all, yet it's important to understand your limitations and remember the surfing safety rules.

It does not matter if you are already an advanced surfer because we are still dealing with the forces of nature, and things may not go as planned. The same rules should be applied to writing, studying, and learning to win! You have to understand when it's time to stop and take a break. Once your body and mind get some rest, things will look brighter! You will learn how to make the best out of what you have!

Author - Aleksandra Djurdjevic
Sandra Dodrill         

Educator and Technical Writer

Sandra Dodrill loves surfing the waves because it helps her to learn how to keep her mind open and overcome challenges. As an educator and technical writer, she loves to share inspiring ideas and help people learn. Follow Sandra to learn how to achieve your goals and find the motivation to overcome.

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