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Arthur Shrewsbury, born on April 11, 1856, in Nottingham, England, was one of the leading English cricketers of the late 19th century. He is widely regarded as one of the finest batsmen of his era, known for his stylish strokeplay and impeccable technique. Shrewsbury's contributions to cricket extended beyond his playing career, making him a revered figure in the sport's history. It is always a great idea to bet on cricket 1xBet, where great wagers on other English players can also be made at any moment.

Arthur Shrewsbury's introduction to cricket occurred during his childhood in Nottingham, a city with a strong cricketing tradition. He displayed a natural aptitude for the sport from a young age, and his talent soon became evident to those around him. He honed his skills while playing for the local clubs in Nottingham.

Arthur Shrewsbury was a right-handed batsman renowned for his exquisite strokeplay and impeccable technique. He was known for his graceful cover drives and elegant leg-side shots. Shrewsbury's ability to play both pacers and spinners with equal finesse made him a formidable force in English cricket. His career lasted 27 years between 1875 and 1902, spending this entire time in the Nottinghamshire cricket team. The1xBetplatform allows its punters to bet on cricket matches from a wide range of teams, including all squads featured at the County Championship too. 

One of his most distinguishing features was his excellent footwork, which allowed him to move effortlessly into position and play his shots with precision. Shrewsbury's patience and adaptability made him a dependable batsman, capable of anchoring the innings or accelerating when needed.

An Interesting Career

Arthur Shrewsbury's cricketing career spanned from the late 1870s to the early 1900s. This period was marked by significant developments in the sport. Right now exclusive rewards await: 1xBet bonus zone is packed with incentives, which are also available at the cricket section of the platform too.

arthur shrewsbury

As said before, Shrewsbury represented Nottinghamshire in county cricket, where he established himself as one of the premier batsmen of his time. He consistently scored heavily in county matches and played a pivotal role in Nottinghamshire's successes during his tenure. In 498 first-class matches he played he scored more than 26 thousand runs, with a batting average of 36.65. Other interesting aspects that can be mentioned about his domestic career with Nottinghamshire includes:

  •    he had a total of 377 catches;
  •    he scored 59 centuries;
  •    also, he took 115 half-centuries.

Shrewsbury made his Test debut for England against Australia at The Oval in 1882. He played 23 Test matches for England between 1882 and 1893, accumulating 1,345 runs at an impressive average of 35.39, which was exceptional for his era.

Shrewsbury was a key figure in the Ashes rivalry between England and Australia. His performances in Ashes series were often crucial to England's fortunes, and he played several memorable innings against the Australian bowlers.

Shrewsbury scored a total of 7 centuries in Test cricket, with the highest score of 164 against Australia at The Oval in 1886. His centuries were a testament to his skill and consistency as a batsman. 

Furthermore, in 1886, Shrewsbury set a remarkable record in county cricket by scoring 2,059 runs in a single season, a feat that remained unmatched for over a century. The1xBet bonus zone is a place whereexclusive rewards await, which can also be taken advantage of when wagering on cricket matches.

After retiring from professional cricket, Arthur Shrewsbury remained involved in the game as a coach and mentor to young cricketers. His insights and expertise continued to benefit the cricketing community, and he remained a respected figure in cricketing circles.

Tragically, Shrewsbury's life took a somber turn in his later years as he battled personal and health challenges. He passed away at the age of 47 on May 19, 1903, in Nottingham.

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