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Surfing has long been a favorite pastime for people right across North America, from the millions who take to the recognized surfing spots of the West Coast of the US to the people of Tofino who are hitting one of the most unique surfing spots in the world, according to the LA Times.

However, surfing isn't just enjoyed by the average Joe. Some of the world's most prominent athletes also take to the waves, both for pleasure and using it to improve their coordination, balance, and help build strength and fitness. Just as all surf lovers, they have their special surf equipment and often they spend hot summer days on the waves. Due to the multifaceted benefits surfing can bring, it attracts prominent people from several sports, so let's take a look at some of the big names who consider the foam their friend.

atlete who like to surf

Mark McMorris

McMorris is one of Canada's best winter sports athletes, and the 28-year-old who's fresh from winning his third consecutive bronze medal in snowboarding's slopestyle event at the Olympics; he has also picked up 20 X-Games medals.

However, there's always a board near him, even away from the competition. But rather than the white snow, it's the foam of the sea underfoot.

But that's hardly surprising considering his partner is a professional surfer, Coco Ho, the daughter of legendary surfer Michael Ho.

person that like to surf

Adam Scott

Formerly the world's number 1 golfer, Australian Adam Scott loves getting into the water, and it shouldn't be a surprise as he grew up on the Gold Coast in his home country. Scott said, "To me, golf's a lot like surfing. There's a peace being out there on your own.

You're competing against yourself and the elements. And then there's that feeling you get when you finally catch the big one."

He did that in 2013, when he won the Masters, although the 41-year-old isn't among the favourites in the current Coral betting odds. But Scott still clings to the hope of another chance to double his tally of wins in major tournaments, and it could be said his longevity in the sport is down to the benefits gained from getting out onto the waves.

Blake Griffin

The current Brooklyn Nets power forward has adopted surfing as one of his preferred pastimes after moving away from his home state of Oklahoma.

When being drafted out of college by the LA Clippers, Griffin wanted to get into the mindset of the locals and check out the surf scene in California.

famous athlete that enjoy surfing

Although he didn't immediately jump in the water, he took to the water two years after moving to LA. "I was never really sure if surfing was against my contract or not.

And then it just hit me that I don't even have a contract right now, and so I said OK, I better get it in while I can." Well, it's indeed served him well in terms of fitness and balance, as the now six times NBA All-Star is in line to make the post season with the Nets this year.

Drew Brees

One of the icons of the NFL for the past few years has been Drew Brees, the 13-time pro-bowl appearing Super Bowl champion who is an advocate of surfing.

He's previously been seen at surfing events in Hawaii alongside legends like Kelly Slater, but not only was he there to take in the tournament, on a lay day, he took to the water at White Plains beach with Slater.

Although the skills on show from Brees weren't on a level with Slater, he didn't disgrace himself and was quoted as saying, 'it was one of the top five coolest things he's ever done.' It's quite the statement from someone who has achieved almost everything he could in football.

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