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Comfort is usually the priority when picking maternity clothes, and you will often find women in leggings and loose T-shirts. The nine months don't mean being less stylish. Thanks to trendsetters, there are ways to showcase your attractive and stylish side while rocking your bump. Below are trendy maternity outfits for 2022.

Sweaters and Cardigans

You normally wear sweaters during cold nights or winter, but the trend is getting popular among expectant mothers for wear in every season. They come in various designs, textures, and colors to play around with and don't have to be oversized or bulky.

Pregnant women often get sick due to reduced immunity, but cardigans will keep you warm. If you are also keen on layering, you may find elongated options that cover the bump or flow down the sides to make you look more stylish, just like how your favorite rave clothes made you feel.

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Multi Colored Maternity Clothes

Black is slimming, and some pregnant women prefer dull colors to avoid attracting attention to the bump.

Although this may work if you want to be discrete, a growing trend has seen women playing around with colors.

From multicolored maxi dresses to color-blocking different outfits, you can stand out and look more fashionable during your pregnancy.

Maternity Skirts

Some expectant moms prefer defining their waistlines with skirts and trousers. You can still look trendy wearing a skirt, especially straight versions that tuck into your top. It is perfect for women who want to flaunt their bumps and dress attractively.

You can experiment with other pieces in your wardrobe like stylish tops, T-shirts, and cover-ups and accessorize with hats, shoes, and jewelry. The perfect length is midi, not too long or short, and you are free to buy skirts of various materials like stretchy velvets.


Layers are a pregnant woman's best friend, whether you want to disguise the bump or elongate your figure. There is never a wrong way to layer up if you keep it minimal and use the right materials. You can try denim, cotton, or knits to cover up and accessories with belts to define the waist.

You can either wear layered clothes or create layers by combining them with various outfits. You can use cover-ups over short dresses or wear jackets and scarves on top of blouses. However, remember to be minimal; this is because overdoing it will make you look bigger.

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You don’t have to stick to maternity dresses when pregnant.

Maternity fashion has evolved, allowing women to look attractive in previously worn clothes. You can wear trousers even in your last trimester and still be comfortable.

You can experiment with pleats, culottes, skinny jeans, or official pants but always pay attention to the waistline because you cannot wear regular tight trousers.

They should be stretchy, breathable when scorching, and have expansion room to accommodate your bump.

Keeping Up With the Trends

2022 has seen expectant women embracing their bumps and showing off their stylish sides. Therefore, keep up with the latest trends as you enjoy the incredible journey. Experiment with various materials and designs available in the market.

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Pregnancy Clothing

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