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This blog article reveals the 5 different styles of hats that you can keep in your bag for the beach. A lovely, wide-brimmed, festive beach ladies' summer hat not only makes you the most popular girl on the beach but also protects your skin and hair from harsh UV rays.

Additionally, it is important to you feel feminine and comfortable during your time at the beach. Since every lady wants to deck herself out in the best of sun hats we have gathered five main stylish types of beach hats to pick for any occasion whatever it is a summer picnic by the poolside for two or just a summer walk on the beach.  

Derby Beach Sun Hat 

Derby hats are a great summer accessory for a day at the beach. It is perfect for someone who needs protection from the sun and can be found in many styles. Also, such a straw hat protects from the sun and sand thanks to its wide brim.

Usually, this type of a beach hat is recommended to avoid getting a sunburn. It is better to buy a versatile hat in a neutral color that will go with everything.

types of beach hats

Derbies are one type of hat that can be rapidly, easily, and cheaply produced in the fashion industry. These hats are made from a variety of materials. Popular materials include straw, felt, wool, and silk.

Fedora Summer Hats 

Fedora hats are a trademark accessory from the 1920s. No matter what type of beach you're going to, it's always a good idea to pack a fedora. They offer a traditional look and will keep you looking cool and casual.

Fedora hats, or "fedoras" as they are more commonly called, were originally made for horse riders and golfers to preserve their heads from sunburn and other elements. The hats, made from felt, wool, cotton, and silk and were originally called "hongi hats." Fedoras can come in all shapes and sizes.

Fedora hats have been traditionally used in old western movies to show how high society a person is in. Fedora hats can be used on any occasion from casual to formal and of course, they are ideal for a beach.

Floppy Women's Beach Sun Hats 

best types of beach hats

Floppy hats are the perfect way to beat the heat and give you that beachy look. Also, this hat is usually designed to protect the wearer from the sun. This type of hat is best for men and women of all ages. It is lightweight and can go with any style. Whether it's a major league baseball game or on the beach, floppy hats are the perfect way to keep the heat away. Floppy hats are commonly used in the Caribbean, Latin America, and Australia. These fashionable and practical hats come in virtually any color and size and are often made of straw, linen, or muslin. Typically, they are made of a wide, soft, floppy top that has an opening for the head which can be secured by tying or pinning it under the chin.

Garden Hats for the Beach 

What about when you want to take a break from the sun and play some beach golf or catch some waves? A convertible garden hat is a perfect accessory for such an occasion.  Such a hat for the beach offers full sun protection while allowing for maximum ventilation of the head. They are designed specifically to keep you cool during the summer. They are typically made out of cotton, are lightweight, and are designed to be worn at the beach without blocking your vision. Here are some of the most popular designs:

  • Open-sweep design that provides an airy feel. 
  • Side panels provide classic coverage for sunny days. 
  • Wide brim offers solid shade. 
  • The flat crown has no rigid brim, but still offers even coverage and comes in different colors from white to black ones.

Bucket Hats

This is another type of hat that will blow your mind. The Beach bucket hat for the beach is a no-fuss, easy-to-wear head covering that fits everyone from kids to adults. Beach bucket hats are perfect for a day at the beach or a day out with friends. They have a practical design with a slouchy shape that allows for versatility and full coverage of the head, neck, and ears. Beach bucket hats also have an inner sweatband that prevents the band from sliding. They are available in many different colors and prints, so you can wear them with any outfit. These hats are made with high-quality fabric and are designed to be stretchy to shape your head and not lose their shape. The fashionable and durable hats are made of many different materials, including straw. Beach sun straw hat is a great choice if you are looking for something affordable and stylish, then this may be the one for you. They are water-resistant, so, they are not just useful on the beach, but also at the pool or any water-related activity. If you are looking for an affordable accessory that provides sun protection, look no further.

Final Thoughts 

To protect your head and neck, don't forget to take a hat or a cap for the beach. Women sun hat for the beach is what you need to get that tan while keeping your cool. There are so many options to choose from that it shouldn't be hard to find the one that suits your beach hat style. Don't forget to take care of your hair and your headwear whatever is your choice: a summer cap or a unisex sun hat. Shop around to choose the most amazing beach sun hat 

Most Frequent Questions

1. What are those womens beach sun hats called?

They are wide-brimmed sun protection hats for the beach. You can also call them a “lid” or a “Stetson.” In the late 1800s, they were called a “Stetson” which was a name coined by their owner John B. Stetson. In the early 1900s, they were called a “lid,” a term still in use today. 

2. Can I wear a bucket hat to the beach?

different styles of hats for beach

They look perfect on the sandy beach and will create a laid-back mood. Moreover, they don't restrict sight and will protect your face and head from the sun. You can wear them either tilted to the side or with the brim straight down; in the second case make sure to pick a comfortable and air-filtering fabric. 

3. Should you wear a hat at the beach?

There are many arguments for and against wearing hats on the beach. The purported benefits of wearing hats at the beach are primarily based on the argument that hats serve to block out UV rays. Those who advocate for wearing hats generally suggest that hats do this better than sunscreen does. Before buying one, think about how you will pack it in a suitcase

4. What are summer hats called?

Summer hats are commonly called “foulards” (if they are very sheer) or “toppers” (if they threaten to “top” off your head if worn) or “trilbies” (if they are short, but not that short). Summer hats are loose hats that sometimes even have vents to help keep sweat out of the eyes. Many great casual hats embody these qualities, so you can wear them both casually and more formally.

5. What are those big sun hats called?

Those big sun hats are called derbies, and they were worn way back in the day as a way of keeping the sun off the face and neck and were made of cloth and very large and floppy and decorative and probably fell off a lot! 

5. Should men wear summer hats?

Definitely yes! Hats are not just made for women. There are different styles of dudes' beach hats - some are different from women's and some are even similar.

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