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It is so exciting! Summer, hot days, beach, sand, sun, cocktails, sea… And you can’t wait to enjoy all of that yourself. But there is one thing to think about before you start that vacation, outfits! What outfit to wear when going to the beach? Read this article before you go to the shop for new outfits.

Cute Beach Outfits That Makes All The Difference

There are numerous cute beach outfits you can choose between, but how do you decide which outfit is for you? This depends a lot on how you feel, how old are you, and your usual dress style. But there is something that is universal, no matter what.

Clothes for chubby girls can be different from clothes for skinny girls, but definitely everyone has to take with them some sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. Those are ultimate sunburn protection, that will protect your skin, eyes, and head.  It is important to wear sun protection to stop your skin from fast aging, your eyes from eye damage, and yourself from sunstroke. So first you need to go shop for some protection. 

Now, when we cleared that up, let’s talk about cute beach outfit ideas for the summer. You want to go with natural materials, to help your skin breathe. Natural materials like cotton and linen will absorb excess liquids, and keep your skin dry. It is better to go with a light color outfit like white since they reflect the sun’s rays and make you feel less warm than dark ones. 

There are a lot of different choices on outfits, depending on your preferences. You can go in a baiting suit, bikini, shorts, shirts, crop top, skirts, dresses, sandals, slippers, etc. You can combine and wear some of that pieces that are transformable for more combinations. You can also create your own beachwear that will suit you best.

So what do you prefer? Let’s find a new cute style just for you. Here are some tips to help you link what outfit to pack in a suitcase for this vacation.

How Do Look Classy at The Beach? 

It is time to relax and have fun, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice your style. However, going to the beach is a social activity, and you’ll need to make a few concessions to fit in with the crowd. Here are a few tips to help you look classy this summer, whether you are a guy or a girl. 

what should you wear to the beach

Choose a simple, elegant swimsuit or bikini. Cover up with some breezy summer dress or shorts and a button top, if you are a guy. Wear some sandals before slippers. You can add some fashionable details like a straw hat and purse, or some piece of jewelry, and a nice pair of sunglasses.

Too much jewelry ensemble at the beach would look offbeat. So match your outfit with a premium handcrafted sapphire jewelry piece like a ring or a necklace. These pieces draw attention to your body and speak of class and unique elegance.

Avoid to dress in crop tops, jeans, slippers, and baggy clothing. Those things are not looking classy, and they surely won’t make you feel classy. And remember it is not always about what you are wearing, sometimes it is about how you are wearing it, and how you feel in that particular piece of clothing. 

What Should an Older Woman Be Wearing To The Beach? 

While it's not wrong for an older woman to wear a bikini, you may want to steer clear of the brief models you see on younger women, particularly if you are self-conscious about having cottage cheese or stretch marks on your stomach area. The rule of thumb is that if you don't feel comfortable to dress in it then don't. You want to enjoy the beach not worry about how you look.

According to fashion experts, the most revealing swimsuit for an older woman should be the one that flatters her body. When choosing what older women should be wearing to the beach, people should choose one that complements their bodies. And the key to choosing the right bathing suit is the fit.

As for the underwear, it is preferable to choose a one-piece or a two-piece with bottoms instead of bikinis. However, if the wearer wants to show her body line, she can go with a bikini style. But, she has to remember to keep the straps wide enough to prevent tan lines. Sometimes, to dress something that is too tight or too revealing does no favors to an older woman.

Beach Outfit Ideas If You Don't Want To Wear a Bathing Suit? 

Good news. As summer is the comfiest of all seasons, there are many cute ladies beach outfits to wear if you just feel like you want to cover up. It only depends on which part of your body you want to cover up. Or is it all of your body? Because that is fine too! We can find outfit just for you. 

If you want to get some tan, but you do not want bikini bottoms, you can always wear cute shorts and a bikini top. But if you want to cover your upper body too, then add some crop top shirt to that shorts and you are good to go. 

how can I look stylish on the beach

You can go with a cute new soft sarong, they are great pieces of transformable clothes that will never go out of style. You can bind them, or pin them. 

There are numerous ways to wear it and cover any part of your body. Even if you change your mind during the day, you can easily change on the beach. You can wear a sarong as a skirt and crop top for the upper body.

If you are feeling like covering your entire legs, there are nice light versions of maxi dresses, that will move with the wind and let your body breathe.

Or you can choose to wear some of those wide linen pants, that will feel like you are not wearing anything at all. 

Can I Dress In Black For The Beach?

As always, there are no hard and fast rules about how a women's and men's beach outfit should look, but there are guidelines you can use to help you formulate your individual style. 

The black fabric is one of the worst items to wear on a sunny summer’s day because it can absorb up to 94% of the sun's rays. Black is the worst color to wear to prepare for sunburn. For this reason, you may think that you'll want to avoid black like the plague- especially for your summer vacation. However, there are some situations where black is approved, yet desirable.

When it is hot outside, it is always better to go with the white color of the clothes. Since it does not absorb much sunlight. 

If you wanna look cute and charming you can dress a black one-piece “beach bikini” then a little sexy a lot provocative, then a tight one-piece that can show off your body curves would be a perfect choice. 

All you have to do is to make sure that you don’t use black as your main “beach swimsuit” color. Of course, you can choose to use black as your main color as well as your second color as long as you make sure that you will match it with a few colorful accessories such as an orange or yellow bag, a colorful headband or floppy hat, and a pair of colorful sunglasses.

To Wrap Things Up

ultimate Guide beach outfits for summer

Now, when you are finishing reading all of this, you are ready to design that cute summer outfit that will be perfect for you. Whether you are younger or older, thinner or thicker, pale or tan, confident or without self-confidence, remember that going to the beach should be fun and relaxing.

But when you start packing, do not forget to bring proper sun protection. Wear white, natural materials, and wear whatever makes you feel good about yourself. Style your outfit to be unique and to represent who you are. 

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What should you not wear when going to the beach?

To dress a Speedo on a public beach is a quick way to get a lot of attention, but it isn’t just for the increase in unwelcome attention you get. The speedo, designed originally as a bathing suit, was banned from competitive swimming due to it being a hindrance to proper swim form and a potential swimsuit violation. 

Also, you would like to avoid to dress in any woven material since it could cause heatstroke.

What pants do you dress in for the beach?

I will strictly follow the beach rule that says that there are no rules. You should wear whatever you are most comfortable in. This, of course, depends upon the climate, the people around you, and what you are doing at the beach.

Can you wear shoes to the beach?

shoes for beach

You can't wear shoes on sandy beaches. Wearing shoes on the beach is a huge no-no.

When you walk on a sandy beach, you naturally wiggle your toes around, which allows water to be funneled away from your foot.

But if you're wearing shoes, you can't adequately feel or wiggle your toes, and that water will slowly gush inside your shoe. By the end of the day, your foot will be wet, salty, and bruised from rubbing against your shoe.

You can, however, wear shoes if the beach is a rocky beach.

Can you dress in a sports bra for the beach?

To dress a sports bra while at the beach would be an incredibly uncomfortable situation while wearing it to the beach while you are not practicing any sports would be a bad idea. Sports bras are designed to compress the breasts against the chest while breastfeeding, exercising, running, etc. are ways of improving them since they are for supporting the breasts. 

To dress in one to the beach while you are not exercising is physically uncomfortable. The beach is not an athletic facility. So to dress in a sports bra while there would be almost uncomfortable.

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