CSG Electric Air Pump

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The CSG Electric Air pump helps to make your outdoor escapades less complicated, and aids you getting into the action faster. Built with ease in mind this great practical product is convenient and easy enough for the whole family to use. It also has less parts that could break down. Designed to be used with the battery in your car, it is an effective way to pump up whatever inflatables you have brought with you. With multiple air valves and adapters this pump is able to deal with any nozzles you may encounter. It has been tested to withstand extreme situations, as seen with the Toyota on top of the board being blown up. Check out the pumps category and go on the homepage for more stuff. 

Features of the CSG Electric Air Pump

  • Size

    ⇨ Compact and small, for easy storage and transport.
  • Multiple Features

    ⇨ With 8 air valves and two valve adapters this product will be able to fit any nozzle.
  • Portable

    ⇨ Built to be used with your car, it is trouble-free to take with you.
  • Well-built

    ⇨ Made from strong materials, and simple mechanisms, this product was built to last.
  • Ease of Use

    ⇨ This product will save blow up time. See also this CSG Sup Electric Pump.

Applicable People: Unisex
Type: Surfboards
Outdoor Activity: paddle board

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