WHALE Longboard Fins

The WHALE Longboard Fins are made from silicone (which is softer than rubber – a major bonus when you’re in the water) and come in two different colour combos – black and red or black and yellow. The fins come in a range of sizes – from XXXS to M (you’ll find more sizing information in a table in one of the images provided). The surf fins also have a non-slip outsole design. This is another great feature that only adds to the value you’re already getting. Find more of this great gear in our fins flippers section. 

Features of the WHALE Longboard Fins

  • Choose From Two Great Colour Combos

    These fins come in either black and red or black and yellow. Either way, you’re bound to stand out in such bold colours.
  • Made From Silicone

    Silicone is much softer than rubber, which means these cool pieces are super-comfortable to wear and won’t rub against your feet.
  • Non-Slip Outsole Design

    Hate fins that make your feet slip and side? That’s not a problem with these fins.

Age: Adult
Model Number: FN700
Brand Name: WHALE
Material: Silicone


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