Additional Ideas to Your Beach Blanket DIY

September 26, 2022 3 min read

Before painting your beach blanket, you need to prepare a large piece of cardboard or mat board. You will need this material to prevent the paint from leaking through. After you lay the large piece of cardboard or mat board on the ground, apply the tape diagonally from one corner to the other. Press firmly all along the length of the tape to secure it. After making the blanket, design it by yourself!

Geometric Swiss Cheese

The geometric pattern is playful and fun, and can easily be added to your beach blanket DIY project. The finished blanket is sturdy enough to withstand the elements, but still retains its playful look.

Geometric Polka Dot

A Geometric polka dot beach blanket is a fun way to add your personal touch to a blanket, especially if you are a big fan of geometric patterns. Not only does it look great on the beach, but it is also sturdy enough to use in all kinds of weather. In addition to adding a playful design, the finished blanket is also machine-washable. You can use a lot of things as a blanket and color it in so many ways.

Adding Velcro

Adding velcro to a DIY blanket is an easy way to keep it secure on the beach. Simply add Velcro to the edges of the blanket before you lay it on the beach. Once the velcro is in place, you can attach other parts, such as tent stakes or grommets, which will keep the blanket in place. Cord can also be used to tie the blanket to a tree or other structure.

Adding a Row

Adding a row to your beach blanket is a fun way to customize it. It gives it an extra boho flair. It's easy to make, too! To make macrame fringe, simply pull out the weft threads from both sides of the fabric. It's important not to pull too many threads at a time, because it may snap or cinch the fabric. Then, work rows of knots in the rows to make a fringe.

Adding a Pocket

Adding a pocket to a beach or picnic blanket can make the blanket double as a pillow and a storage pouch. The pocket doesn't have to be waterproof, though. If you want to use the blanket for road trips or for sports, consider making an all-fleece version. This version is less fluff and can be easily stuffed into the pocket.

Adding Snaps

Adding snaps to a beach blanket makes it easier to transport and store it. A heavy-duty snap pliers is a great tool to use to attach two pieces of fabric together. This tool also allows for easy cleaning and assembly. Simply align the pieces and use the pliers to put holes in the fabric.

Adding a Fitted Sheet

Adding a fitted sheet to your beach towel is a life hack that will make your beach trip less stressful. This handy item will keep sand out of cozy areas and is easy to fold and carry. Fitted sheets are also lightweight and easy to carry, so you can use them for picnics, picnic blankets, or even a beach bag.

Adding a Sand-Free Bag

Adding a sand-free beach bag is a great idea for anyone who loves the beach, but hates getting sand in their blanket. It will prevent your beach blanket from getting wet, and it will keep your belongings out of the sand, as well. Sand-free beach blankets are also great for packing up your beach blanket after a day at the beach. They can also protect your car's trunk from getting too sandy. Check out for more DIY crafts for the beach.

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