Men's Suits - Is it OK to Wear the Same Suit Everyday?

February 29, 2024 3 min read

Wearing the same suit every day can look stale. However, you can change up your style by wearing a different colour, fabric, or pattern. Here are some tips for mixing up your suit wardrobe. Depending on the occasion, you can wear a different pattern or colour each day. A patterned shirt can be worn twice a week. A plain shirt can be worn once a week.

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Switching up Your Style

For cooler months, try swapping your shirt for a knitwear shirt. By layering knitwear over a suit, you can create an interesting colour and texture combination. Select lightweight knitwear to prevent the suit from losing its slim silhouette. Keep the color palette neutral so your suit stays dressy, or opt for bolder patterns or colours. Improve your overall look by considering accessories such as a leather belt, cufflinks, and complete the polished look with stylish leather dress shoes.

Changing Your Colour

Changing your suit colour can help you look different every day. Try wearing a different suit colour every day to change up your look and avoid becoming monotonous. Instead of wearing the same colour every day, try different colours, such as brown, maroon, or dark green. When choosing the colour of your suit, consider what complements your skin tone and hair colour. Creativity is your best friend when it comes to wearing a men's suit.

Changing Your Fabric

There are several methods to change your suit's fabric. Some garments can be altered along the seam, while others can't be altered. When you want to change the fabric of a suit, you can "let out" the seam, or re-sew it away from the edge of the fabric. The best way to do this is to carefully measure your body and determine the size you need. Then, choose the most appropriate fabric for the change.

Changing Your Pattern

One of the best ways to change your pattern when you wear the same suit every day is to change up your shirts. You can change the colour, style and material of your shirt to make your suit look different from the same one that you have been wearing every day. If you have a plain suit, you can wear a patterned shirt once or twice a week. Shirts can make your suit look different, but remember to choose a pattern that matches the suit color.

Another way to make your suit stand out from the crowd is to wear a different pair of trousers. This way, you will not wear your trousers as often as they would otherwise. You can also wear two separate suits that are in similar shades and fabrics. This will make your two-piece stay looking fresher for longer. Here are a few ways to change your pattern when wearing the same suit everyday. Once you have mastered one, try mixing and matching the two pieces you wear.

Dry Cleaning Your Suit

Unless you're wearing a pristine, brand-new suit for a very special occasion, you should consider dry cleaning your suit every now and then. It will preserve the shape, feel, and freshness of your suit for years to come. After all, your suit is an important part of your wardrobe. But, why dry clean your suit every day? The following are a few reasons.

It's important to dry clean your suit every week. The more often you wear it, the more your suit will be subjected to wear and tear. Moreover, it won't look its best if it's dusty and full of stains. In fact, dust can actually damage the fibres in your suit, resulting in a dull and dingy appearance.

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