Are Beach Umbrellas Worth It?

August 04, 2022 3 min read

With the sun's harmful rays becoming more widespread, UV proof beach umbrellas have started to become more popular. They come in sleeker designs and colors, offer a bigger shade, and protect against wind and heat. These umbrellas also boast a UPF rating of at least 55. The best models even have a UPF rating of 100! So are beach umbrellas worth it? What type of it?

Versa-Brella XL

There are a lot of benefits to owning a Versa-Brella XL beach umbrella. For one thing, it's lightweight, with a 360-degree swivel and universal clamp for securing it to tables, chairs, and other surfaces. In addition to its convenience, Versa-Brella umbrellas offer UV protection and a UV-resistant liner.

Some beach umbrellas come with a built-in anchor, but some don't, so you'll need a stake or an auger/screw to secure it to the ground. Check the UPF rating to see which one protects you from the sun's UV rays. If you burn easily, a UPF of 50 or higher is recommended. Some beach umbrellas have special anchors with sharpened stake ends, but others don't. An extra anchor is an unnecessary piece of equipment to lug around.

If you're on a budget, try the Kitadin beach umbrella. It features a vented top and comes with a carry bag for easy transportation. It's also lightweight, with a sturdy vented canopy. The easy-to-set-up design makes it easy to maneuver and is available on and Walmart. You can also choose between two different sizes.

EasyGo Umbrella

The EasyGo 8-foot Heavy Duty High Wind Beach Umbrella is sturdy, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing. Its 8-foot diameter offers ample shade for a group of people. Its durable aluminum pole offers several height adjustments, and its UV-coating keeps it looking great no matter where you're at. This umbrella is worth its price in my book, and I think you will, too!

If you're looking for a cheap beach umbrella, the EasyGo is an excellent choice. You can find it at Wal-Mart and online. However, if you are looking for a higher-end umbrella, you can consider the Tommy Bahama EasyGo Umbrella, which has excellent UPF. A lot of users report that this umbrella is worth its price when compared to other brands.

Holiday Beach Umbrella

The holiday beach umbrella has the same sturdy wood pole that the premium umbrella has. It also features marine grade nylon fittings that keep the umbrella lightweight and provide 180-degree range of motion on the pole. This beach umbrella also features a canvas that blocks 98% of the sun's UV rays. It is adorned with a strand of waterproof polyester cotton fringe. Its design and colors make it stylish and sophisticated.

Buying a holiday beach umbrella is a great way to protect yourself and your family from the sun's harsh rays. Unlike beach umbrellas, which are usually used only once or twice, these beach umbrellas can last for years when properly maintained. They also come with carry bags for easy transportation. Listed as a patio umbrella, the Breakwater Bay beach umbrella is sturdy and durable. It has over 2,000 positive reviews and costs under $50. A current sale of 5% is available on this product. The Business & Pleasure Co. beach umbrella is not only stylish and durable, but also looks good on Instagram.

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