Are Dry Bags Watertight?

August 17, 2022 4 min read

Whether you need a dry bag for camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities, a waterproof one is essential for your gear. You can make a waterproof bag by sewing two or more bags together, taping the seams, and covering the inside with a waterproof coating. Some waterproof bags are even made by welding or gluing the materials together. Although there are limits to the production of a waterproof bag, you can still make a regular one with your sewing machine.

Yeti Panga Dry Bags

You won't need to worry about your gear getting wet with the Yeti Panga dry duffel bag. Its durable construction and Eva moulded bottom will keep your gear dry even in white-water. Its landing pad is also waterproof and will protect your gear from water damage. The 75-litre Panga is available in many colors. We tested it out in the water to find out what features it has that makes it so great for white-water rafting and paddling.

The Yeti Panga dry bag features a waterproof zipper and is made of high-density laminated nylon. It weighs about five pounds and is fully submersible. Its size is perfect for a day trip, but it's not exactly cheap. The 50-liter capacity of this bag will hold all of your belongings, making it a good buy if you plan to take your gear with you on a camping trip.

Gold Coast Gear

These dry bags are made to be lightweight but durable and they also feature a lifetime guarantee. The Gold Coast dry bags are available in a variety of sizes. Some are watertight, while others are not. In any case, these bags are great for storing all of your important belongings, including valuables. They also feature a waterproof phone case so you can snap pictures of the nature during rainy days.

If you plan on buying a dry bag, it is crucial to determine how much you are willing to spend. If you skip this step, you will likely end up overspending, which will only make the experience more difficult. To maximize your buying experience, make sure that you set a realistic budget. This way, you can focus on finding the perfect bag for your needs and staying within it. Here are a few tips for choosing the best dry bag.

Columbia 3-Piece PFG Dry Bag Set

For a relatively low price, Columbia makes the 3-Piece PFG Dry Bag set, which includes three separate dry bags. Each dry bag has a different capacity and comes with a detachable and adjustable strap. It's a great set for those who want to take their gear with them while on an outdoor adventure, but don't want to invest a lot of money.

The materials used for these bags are also water resistant, with a 68-denier polyester fabric that's thermoplastic-coated. The seams are heat-welded for durability, and the bags have a flat bottom to stay upright while they're set down. Although most dry bags follow the same design, the Columbia 3-Piece PFG Dry Bag Set is unique. It breaks the mold by offering a roll-top closure.


The Osprey UltraLight dry bag is an excellent option if you want to organize your gear for a day hike. Its rectangular shape provides easy access to gear, and it's made from 40D ripstop nylon for unsurpassed durability. The Osprey Drybag has excellent water protection, and is the perfect choice for those who don't care much for a colorful design. It's also made of ripstop nylon, which prevents odors from penetrating the bag.

Osprey Dry Bags feature a double-banded closure. The SealLine Discovery View has a vent for high-pressure water release, which is better than some other bags. While it still lets some moisture in under pressure, towels in the sample bag were showing a damp ring bigger than a quarter. If you're not worried about moisture, you can purchase the Osprey Ultralight Dry Sack.


Whether you're looking for a duffel for your next two-to-five-day river expedition or an oversize duffel for a multi-week marine expedition, Watershed for dry bags has got you covered. The Yukon duffel will hold your summer-weight sleeping bag, tent and some other gear. Combined with other Watershed bags, the Yukon duffel will make a comprehensive ditch bag for long-range marine use.

Another feature of Watershed drybags is their patented ZipDry closure. Unlike most other waterproof zippers, this closure is much easier to operate than traditional buckles or roll tops. Watershed explains how to close their bags with their handy instructions. Watershed is also US Berry compliant, meaning that their bags are made in the United States. Despite their military-grade construction, they still offer the same level of durability as their regular counterparts.

Discovery View

These watertight dry bags from Discovery View are a great choice for any kayaking trip. They are made of transparent materials to prevent water seeping in and a PurgeAir valve that quickly releases trapped air. The bag also stays upright without rolling around in the water. If you plan to spend a lot of time paddling, this bag is a great choice. For the money, you can't go wrong with a Discovery View dry bag.

The Discovery View dry bag from SealLine uses translucent materials so you can identify the contents without opening them. The bag is long lasting and easy to recognize when you have a water-tight bag. The bag features a color-coded base and a roll-top closure with a PurgeAir valve to allow maximum compression. It can fit a maximum of five liters of gear. It also comes with a detachable strap for easy carrying.

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