Are Wakeskater Shoes Dangerous?

June 30, 2022 2 min read

Advanced wakeskaters are encouraged to wear shoes while riding. This allows for extra grip and control when executing tricks. The tops and soles of wakeskater shoes grip the surface very well. Furthermore, some tricks require flicking with the top of the toes or the side of the foot. If you're not sure whether shoes are necessary or not, read on to learn more about the various types of wakeskater shoes.

Canvas Shoes

Choosing the right type of skate shoe is crucial. Converse shoes, which are made from vulcanized rubber, are very comfortable and durable, but do not provide as much protection as high-top sneakers. While high-top sneakers may provide more protection, they can hinder your range of motion. Most skaters prefer mid-top sneakers because they provide a decent amount of protection without sacrificing range of motion. Another consideration is whether the shoe is made of leather or canvas. While real leather may be a good choice for many skaters, canvas is a less common option and is more breathable.

Skateboard Shoes

The safety of your feet is vital, especially when you're riding a wakeboard. Proper wakeboarding boots are made of premium materials and designed for responsiveness. Choose an appropriate size and style for you and your child. Also, open-toe boots will allow you to adjust the fit as your feet grow. It's a good idea to purchase a pair of wakeboarding shoes with plenty of cushion for flexibility.

Many knee injuries related to wakeboarding result from improperly fitted wakeboard bindings. Rigid bindings transfer a lot of stress to the knees, which can lead to a ruptured ACL or meniscus. Wakeboarding boots, however, are designed to release both feet simultaneously, which minimizes the risks of knee injury. The straps that hold the bindings in place also prevent the feet from releasing on their own.

Tao 6X Bindings

The Liquid Force Tao 6X Closed Toe in White is a great option for advanced to intermediate wakeboarders. It is made for comfort and features a TPE Chassis Dampening Base Pad. Available in UK 11-12 and US 12, these wakeboard bindings are ideal for people with a wide range of sizes. Designed for advanced to intermediate riders, the Tao 6X is lightweight and durable and comes in US and European sizes.

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