Can I Go Underwater With a Full Face Snorkel Mask?

August 23, 2022 3 min read

A full face snorkelling mask has a few disadvantages compared to a conventional one. First of all, fabric straps are difficult to tighten and loosen. In addition, they are difficult to remove, as they usually need a strap holder. However, the DAN study shows that these masks are not hazardous when properly worn. Read on to find out what these disadvantages are.


A study done by researchers at Duke University found that many full face snorkel masks are not as effective as they claim to be, and may even pose a greater risk to the wearer. This study found that while some full face snorkel masks allowed snorkelers to breathe at a normal level, others allowed water to leak into the breathing area. Because of this, it is important to choose a mask that provides a proper seal and fit.

Another issue with full face masks is the need to purchase a proper fit. Using a full face mask improperly can result in breathing from the entire volume of the mask, resulting in carbon dioxide poisoning. It is also more difficult to access your nose and equalize pressure with a full face mask. Another problem with full face masks is that they are harder to remove, even if you are swimming.


There are many advantages to using a full face snorkel mask. One of the benefits is the convenience of purchasing just one product instead of two. Buying one complete set will eliminate confusion and expense when compared to purchasing two separate items. It also comes with a mesh storage case. Keeping both pieces of equipment clean will ensure that you can maximize their usefulness and functionality.

Another advantage of a full face snorkel mask is that it allows a wider field of vision than a standard one. This feature is helpful when you're looking for a place to breathe naturally while snorkelling, or for those who just want to see underwater. The mask's elastic strap won't tangle your hair, and it's equipped with a Dry System, which prevents water from getting trapped inside.


The cost of a full face Snorkel mask is dependent on its size, materials, and features. It can range anywhere from $13 to $120. Inexpensive full face masks have rubber skirts and lower quality plastic lenses. They are not recommended for deep-sea diving and can be uncomfortable. These types of masks are also not waterproof. Whether you are looking for a snorkel mask for recreational purposes or for professional use, consider purchasing one with a rounded shape.

The main concern with a full face mask is airflow. Look for models with advanced technology to keep the air inside the mask breathable. A few good examples are the Vista Vue and Seaview V2. If you wear glasses, look for a model that offers the option of a prescription lens. These lenses allow you to enjoy the underwater world without sacrificing clear vision. Once you have purchased a full face mask, it's important to check its fit and adjust it to ensure that it fits properly and offers a seal against water.

Taking Pictures or Videos With a Full Face Snorkel Mask

A full face snorkel mask offers several advantages over a conventional mask, including an increased field of vision and the ability to take pictures and videos. Its design is streamlined for comfort and safety, while providing a 180-degree view of the world beneath you. Its anti-fog coating is another added benefit, as is the GoPro camera mount and screw sets for easy installation.

A wide strap and adjustable buckles are also important features. The mask should fit snugly on your face and be comfortable. Make sure that the full face mask fits well and is within your budget. The best masks are lightweight and comfortable. If you're planning to take pictures or videos while you're underwater, make sure the mask fits well. The cost should also be within your budget.

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