Can I Scuba Dive in Dive Boots?

July 30, 2022 3 min read

Having a pair of boots handy is essential for a divers safety and comfort. You can never be too sure of how the weather will be, so bring your boots along on your next dive. You can always decide not to use them later if you don't feel comfortable wearing them. Wheter you are freediving or scubadiving, here are some tips for choosing the right dive boot. Ensure that the dive boots are high-cut and cushioned. Check for Velcro fastenings.

High Cut

When choosing scuba diving boots, the most important thing to remember is your shoe size. Scuba boots run small to large, so take a half-size off your regular shoe size. If your shoe size is not on the chart, round up. If you wear a half-size in shoes, size up. High-cut dive boots are not meant to be tight-fitting, and the toes should not curl inside the boot. You can use neoprene socks to make the boots fit snugly, and they will also add warmth.

Mid height

When choosing a pair of Scuba diving boots, size is very important. Smaller dive boots are less comfortable and can put extra stress on seams. This can result in numb toes and eventually, cold water will seep inside the boot. Small boots also are less likely to stop water transfer. You can find a pair of mid height Scuba dive boots that fit your feet perfectly.

Cushioned Soles

You may not realize it, but many diving boots already include arch support, which can help prevent sore feet while diving. Before purchasing a pair of diving boots with arch support, however, you should always consult a medical professional. They will be able to recommend the best type of arch support to use with your particular diving boots and ensure that it fits perfectly. You may also need to order one size larger than your usual shoe size to accommodate the arch support.

Velcro Fastening

There are two different types of diving boots available, with a zipper or velcro fastening across the tip. Zippers are more secure than velcro fastenings, but they do not offer the same protection from abrasions. The zipper fastening is also not recommended, as it can interfere with sliding your foot into the fin pocket and catch on the sand or other debris. The velcro fastening also limits the amount of adjustability.

Seac Pro HD Booties

Seac Pro HD neoprene dive boots feature a 6mm thickness for excellent protection. They also feature a rigidly molded high-grip sole and heel air bubble. These wetsuit boots are designed to fit snugly over your wetsuit and have excellent arch support. These boots also come with a durable nylon lace-up closure and a heel air bubble. These boots are available in a variety of colors and styles to suit your personal preferences.

Aqua Lung Superzip Ergo Booties

The new Echomid 3mm waterproof diving booties from Aqua Lung are the perfect solution for shore dives that need extra thermal protection. The medium-height design and laceless closure system make these boots the perfect solution to the changing conditions of the ocean. They're also designed for open-fin diving, making them an excellent choice for shore dives. Here are a few of our favorite features of these booties.

Neo Sport Booties

If you love to dive, you may want to buy a pair of Scuba Dive in Neo Sport bootties. These versatile, affordable diving boots have the perfect combination of function and style. They are made of high-quality neoprene and have a puncture-resistant sole. And, with a durable zipper closure, water will not seep inside. These boots are manufactured by Henderson USA.

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