Can I Snorkel in Dive Boots?

July 31, 2022 3 min read

Before you purchase your new dive boots, make sure you know what they are made of. Open-heel fins, Sarhlio, Cressi Nouema, and other brands are available. Read on to find out how they are made and which features you should look for. You'll also want to choose the right size. And don't forget to check out the reviews from other divers.

Diving Boots

If you're a beginner in diving, you may be wondering what the SNORKEL in diving boots means. This type of boot helps you keep your feet warm while diving. They work better than water shoes when walking on coral reefs and rocky shores. They also cushion the rubbing spots caused by fins. Here are some things to look for in a diving boot. Let's take a closer look.

Open-Heel Fins

Divers can opt to use open-heel fins in their dive boots if they're planning to make rocky shore dives. Open-heel fins provide traction for the feet during the dive and, according to some reports, can even improve propulsion. However, open-heel fins in dive boots aren't right for every dive - you have to consider the diving environment and if you plan to walk after your dive.


If you're looking for the cheapest pair of dive boots, the Sarhlio in dive boots are for you. This affordable pair of dive boots has all the features that you need, and is made with eco-friendly materials. They're also free of BPA plastics and designed for tropical diving. Read our honest review to learn what to look for in a pair of dive boots. Weigh your options and choose a pair that fits comfortably and protects your feet well.

Cressi Nouema

If you are looking for a pair of thin, lightweight water shoes that can be used for diving as well as snorkeling, you can't go wrong with Cressi Nouema. These shoes are made of a high-traction sole and durable neoprene. They are designed to fit various foot sizes, so you can find one that's right for your feet. You can also apply them easily.

Tilos TruFit

The design of the TruFit boots is primarily centered around the shape of the toes. The instep of the boot has less volume than the rest of the boot, which means that there is less excess water to deal with while in the water. The boots are easy to fit into fins due to the contoured shape. Additionally, they feature a heel cup and built-in arch support to keep the foot in the proper position. Finally, the shape of the toes is centered in the boot's design, making it easy to insert fins into them.

Mares Trilastic

The Mares Trilastic 5mm Boot is a comfortable dive boot designed for maximum power transmission and control while finning. It features a super-elastic ankle and a standard neoprene lower section for warmth and adherence to the feet. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned dive professional, you can rely on these boots to meet all your diving needs.

Neo Sport

A great option for cold water diving or open water swimming is the NeoSport Snorkel in dive boots. These boots are waterproof and made from premium neoprene. You can choose from three thicknesses to suit your needs, and they come with a puncture resistant sole. Another great feature of these dive boots is their zipper closure, which prevents water from leaking inside. These boots are available in unisex styles and sizes.

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