Can I Travel With a Surfboard Day Bag?

August 16, 2022 2 min read

You may be wondering, "Can I travel with a surfboard day bag?" or "What size of surfboard bag should I get?" There are many reasons to do so. One major reason is that a surfboard sock is more portable than an entire boardbag, and it can serve as an emergency sleeping bag if needed. Another reason is that your board will look gross if it's not waxed!

Surfboard Day Bag

When you're travelling with a surfboard, you can use a day bag designed specifically for travel. A day bag for surfboards can come in many styles, including backpacks, duffels, and duffle bags. It will hold all your gear safely, and you can use it as a carry-on when you're not in the water. Whether you use a soft or hard case, you can find a travel bag that holds three boards, or more. The Smuggler Series is one example of a surfboard travel bag. It will hold up to three surfboards and only show two boards when checked.

Airlines are notorious for damaging surfboards, but there are ways to protect your board while you're onboard. Packing it in a day bag can help prevent this. It should be at least six inches longer than the longest board, which will give it extra room for cushioning. Don't forget to include an extra length in the bag so that you can pack your board safely and comfortably.

Surfboard Day Bag Shaped Nose

If you want to carry more than one surfboard, a Surfboard Day Bag with a shaped nose is the best choice. The shaped nose allows you to fit a variety of shapes, including longboards, shortboards, and longboards. These bags are designed with extra padding in the nose and tail areas for added comfort. The nose and tail sections are also designed to prevent damage from small impacts.

When choosing a surfboard day bag, the shape of your board is just as important as its size. You'll need to consider its width and length so it's good to check how to size a surfboard. A wide board will not fit into a pointed nose fish bag, and vice versa. Be sure to check out the product descriptions before you decide to purchase. And don't forget to take measurements of your board. Many bags come with dimensions. Check out our tips for choosing a surfboard size for beginners.

Surfboard Day Bag Vs Heavy Duty Travel Bag

When choosing a surfboard travel bag, you should consider whether you are taking your dayboard with you or if you need to carry a heavy board. You can also use the same type of bag for both types of boards. For example, a double surfboard travel bag can handle two boards with different lengths. A double surfboard travel bag can accommodate both boards while still keeping the fins on.

A dayboard travel bag is more durable than a board sock, offering better protection against dings and dents. A day bag generally consists of a thick, UV-reflective, waterproof tarpaulin, and some are even designed to accommodate fins. They also often have tough, lightweight wheels at the base and shoulder straps.

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