Can I Use a High Angle Paddle for Low Angle Paddling?

August 17, 2022 3 min read

In a whitewater kayak, a low angled paddle is preferred for surfing or leisurely paddling. But can I use a high-angle paddle for low-angle paddling? This article will explore the differences between the two types of paddles and discuss which one should be used for which type of paddling. And we'll take a look at a few differences in shaft diameters.

Using a High-Angle Paddle for Low-Angle Paddling

While many kayakers have heard of the benefits of using a high-angle paddle for low-angled paddling, the truth is that there are two types of strokes. Both provide advantages in different ways. In both cases, the paddle shaft is held at a 45-degree angle, while a low-angle stroke is held at a lower angle. Using a high-angle paddle for low-angle paddling will help you conserve energy and achieve better performance when you're paddling on a river.

While a high-angle paddle is highly efficient for high-angle paddling, it's less efficient for low-angle paddling. Low-angle paddles are suited for leisurely paddling and surfing, while high-angle paddles are made for aggressive paddling. Generally, low-angle paddles are easier on the shoulders. However, if you suffer from chronic shoulder pain, you should avoid using a high-angle paddle.

Leverlok Paddle Flex Vs Flex 

The question of 'Leverlok paddle fl ex' may come up when comparing different brands of kayak paddles. While it is not a technical question, paddle flex is a feature that should be taken into account when purchasing kayak paddles. This characteristic helps you paddle more efficiently and smoothly without losing much power. For this reason, paddle manufacturers have been working on improving the quality of their kayak paddles and making them more comfortable for the user.

To determine which type of paddle is better, compare the two above-mentioned models. In most cases, the difference is minimal. The main difference between them is in the way the paddles move and how they grip the water. For example, the lever lock has drilled holes on the blades, while the flex paddles have a cable in the shaft.

Werner Paddles

Werner paddles are available in two different shaft diameters for people with different hand sizes. Selecting the correct shaft diameter will allow you to use a relaxed grip and maintain control. If your hands are large, you will want to choose a paddle with a standard diameter shaft. Those with small hands, however, should go with a paddle with a small diameter shaft. The correct shaft diameter will determine your stroke technique and control, as well as reduce fatigue.

Choosing the right type of blade material for your kayak is crucial for its performance. Wider blades improve performance, especially in touring kayaks and longer kayaks. They also help you paddle in high angles, putting more surface area into the water. They are also more comfortable to use because of their wider blades. You can also choose a paddle with a wider blade, as they have more surface area for water to slide over.

Werner Paddles Offer Two Shaft Diameters

Werner Paddles are known for their carbon shafts, which are both flexible and lightweight. These paddles also feature two shaft diameters, for high and low angle paddling. Both shaft diameters offer the same performance, but with slightly different feel. If you are unsure about which one to choose, a good compromise is a fiberglass paddle and a plastic paddle.

The Shuna blade is the best-selling premium high angle paddle from Werner. With a balanced power and a conservative feel through the water, this paddle is the perfect option. Made of full carbon, its ferrule is the most precise fitting in the market. In addition, the shaft is designed to have a traditional feel and Werner's attention to detail can be felt with every stroke.

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