Can I Wear Crocs for Whitewater Rafting?

June 29, 2022 4 min read

Can you wear crocs while whitewater rafting? If you do, you should avoid it. Water socks and synthetic socks are ideal for rafting. In case you are unsure, water socks and flip-flops can be worn as well. But, do not wear your favorite pair of Crocs. The reason is that crocs can get caught in the rip currents and can cause you to fall in the river!

Avoid Wearing Crocs for Whitewater Rafting

A good pair of shoes is essential to rafting. Avoid wearing crocs while you're in the river. They aren't waterproof, and they don't provide the best grip on slippery surfaces. Also, high heels can cause slip injuries and can expose your toes. A better choice is a good pair of sandals or water shoes. Regardless of the footwear you wear, it is important that you bring an extra pair of dry socks with you.

Besides a pair of sandals that don't come off your feet during the adventure, you should also bring a hat and a pair of quick-dry shorts. The rapids can be fast, and you're likely to get your hands wet. Wearing flip-flops or sneakers won't help you survive. These types of footwear can fall off easily, especially in rapids with strong currents. Moreover, if you're planning on wearing crocs during the trip, you should buy a pair of shoes that are made for whitewater rafting.

Synthetic Socks Are Ideal for Rafting

Wool socks keep your feet warm and dry, while synthetic ones offer quick drying properties. Both materials retain their shape and keep your feet warm even when wet, and wool is also insulating. Regardless of the type of sock you choose, there are several key features that make wool the best choice for rafting. The following are just some of the benefits of wool socks. Read on for more information.

- Hypoallergenic: The materials used in synthetic socks are more breathable than cotton. They're also less likely to cause blisters. They're also much easier to remove than cotton socks. For added protection, be sure to pack an extra pair of socks. Those that don't contain a toe loop are better suited for rafting, since they keep your feet dry. The loop is also a good option if you're planning to wear sandals on the river.


While flip-flops are popular among beachgoers, raft guides don't wear them. Rather than wearing water shoes, they wear sandals with heel straps. Sandals with heel straps help them grip the rocks in wet conditions and hold their feet in place. Water-friendly sandals have been tested on the Futaleufu River in Chile, where raft guides and a research team spent two months testing water-friendly sandals.

Another important factor in choosing the right type of flip-flops for rafting is the protection from sharp rocks. You may step on a rock and hurt your feet. Also, cheap flip-flops are very prone to breaking and falling apart in rough terrain. If your feet are not covered in water or in sand, you may be at risk of developing sores and blisters. Lastly, you should make sure that the flip-flops you purchase are comfortable and durable.

Water Socks

Water socks are great for rafting, but they are not the best choice for the sport. Although water socks are made to be wet, they don't dry well and tend to come apart if they are worn like shoes. Water socks with good heel and arch support are best for rafting. Make sure you purchase a size smaller than your regular shoe size, as the larger size is likely to fall off during the activity.

When deciding which shoes to wear during your rafting trip, make sure to bring a pair of spares. The soles of water shoes can get soaked, and water socks can lead to blisters. So, it's important to wear something comfortable and breathable. It's also a good idea to pack a pair of breathable water shoes that allow water to drain. A pair of water shoes with a toe loop will keep your feet dry and minimize blisters.

Crocs Are Versatile But Have Holes

You might be unsure about whether to buy a pair of Crocs for rafting, since they are not waterproof. This is because they have holes in the front, which means they will absorb water and dry quickly. However, if you plan to spend a lot of time in the water, you should choose another kind of shoe. Nevertheless, if you plan to go rafting frequently, these shoes will come in handy.

One of the best things about these shoes is their ventilation holes, which allow air to enter the shoe. This helps to keep your feet dry even when you're taking part in activities with high-impact surfaces. You should choose the holey models if you're going to rafting. However, they don't offer the best traction in snowy conditions, so they're not a good choice for this purpose.

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