Can iPhone 12 Take Underwater Pictures?

August 01, 2022 3 min read

If you're wondering if your iPhone 12 can take underwater pictures, you're not alone. Many people don't realize how limited an iPhone's camera is, or that it isn't waterproof at all. You may even be wondering how you can capture high-quality underwater photos on a device without a screen. But there are some ways to get around the shortcomings of an iPhone's camera and ensure that it's always in good condition. Don't forget to check out our underwater photography guide!

It's Not Waterproof

If you're starting as a underwater photographer and wondering whether or not your iPhone 12 is waterproof, you're not alone. There are people who have successfully taken pictures underwater using their device. These images are often dreamy, but there are certain restrictions when taking pictures with the device. In most cases, you can only take underwater photos if you have a housing or a special case. Here are some options you can try. If you're not sure what to do, you can use a waterproof case or a wireless power bank.

If you're planning on taking good pictures underwater, the iPhone 12 lacks some features but is still waterproof. It can withstand 30 minutes of water without leaking, which is a significant improvement over previous models. This case also features a M6 screw on the bottom so you can attach a selfie stick or tripod if you're unsure where to take the pictures. It's also compatible with most other models of the iPhone.

It's Moisture and Dust Resistant

The words "it's moisture and dust resistant" and "it's water-proof" are commonly used by manufacturers to describe their products. These terms are commonly followed by the manufacturer, but rarely explained. What does it mean? If the product is water-resistant, it has an IP rating, or in other words, a higher number means that it can be protected from water and other liquids. Ideally, a product with an IP rating of 8 or more should be safe.

The rating is important, as it tells you how well the product is protected against different types of liquids, particles, and moisture. For example, if the device is IPX4-rated, it's resistant to dust particles up to a mm. If it's IPX5-rated, it can withstand splashes of water for half an hour. The same goes for IPX6-rated products, which can withstand water sprays for an hour.

It Has a Wide-Angle Lens

You can capture awe-inspiring scenes and dramatic undersea scenes with your camera's wide-angle lens. From mammoth-sized whales to eerie shipwrecks, wide-angle photos can provide a unique perspective of the world below the surface. To get started, here are a few tips for choosing a camera with a wide-angle lens:

Wide-angle underwater photography is the best way to capture dramatic images. A wide-angle lens lets you get close to your subject without sacrificing the quality of your image. You can also get closer to the subject using underwater video lights or strobes. The closeness of the subject helps you capture images with deeper contrast and better colors. Wide-angle photos are also best for shooting close-ups of fish or other objects.

If you plan to shoot landscapes or seascapes, a wide-angle wet lens is essential for taking underwater pictures. This lens can widen the field of view to up to 120 degrees, enabling you to capture more subject matter or larger scenes. With a wide-angle wet lens, you can also control the shutter speed and ISO. You can also use a tripod to shoot your photos.

It Has a Low-Resolution Camera

Iphone 12 has a lower-resolution camera for underwater pictures than its predecessors, but the camera is capable of taking quality photos, even in low-light conditions. Most pictures taken underwater will be black-and-white, since the water absorbs red and orange wavelengths of light. Basic photo editing programs allow you to change the saturation of individual colors. The camera also has filters that improve pictures in water.

One downside of the camera on the Iphone 12 is that the sensor is very small. This can make underwater pictures difficult to take. However, there are solutions to the problem. You can download the Olympus Image Share app to your phone and send the images to your smartphone. Fortunately, the Olympus Image Share app is compatible with both Android and iOS. Wi-Fi, however, does not work in water, so you'll have to wait until you're out of the water to send the pictures.

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