Can You Go Swimming in a Vest?

May 17, 2022 3 min read

If you've ever wondered, "Can you go swimming in a vest?" you're not alone. There are several other types of swimwear available, including floaties, Puddle jumpers, and Floaties. Let's examine these products and their advantages. Which is best for you? Read on to find out! Float vests are designed to buckle around your child, while floaties are more of a swimming aid.

Float Vests

Float vests for swimming are an excellent way to keep children safe when swimming. Children's vests are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Float vests are also useful for summer activities. Floatation devices help prevent accidental drowning by helping young children develop a sense of confidence in the water. But are they really necessary? What are the downsides of using a float vest? And what are the pros and cons of using a float vest?

Children should wear a swimming vest to encourage good body positioning. A front float that sits above the waist prevents kicking. Rear floats will encourage the child to swim in an upright position. Many leading swimwear stores sell swimming vests from brands like Speedo Swimwear. Float vests are typically chlorine-proof and durable. Regardless of which type of float you choose, make sure your child is properly fitted.


Despite the many benefits of swim vests, some experts question whether they're actually a good idea. What we know for sure is that vests should fit the body, and not be too tight. While floaties are commonly used by parents of young children, they don't provide much independence in the water. Wearing a floatation device places a child in a vertical position, which is not the most natural position for swimming. The floaty effect can also teach children to stay upright in the water rather than swimming in a natural way. But there are many dangers that come with these devices.

Kids who wear a floatation device may incorrectly think that they can swim unassisted, as their head would be dangling above the water. However, this is a myth, as children cannot make this cognitive connection. If a child can't hold onto the floatation device, it won't help them learn how to swim. So, it's better to get a swim vest than a floaty.

Water Wings

The Water Wings Vest provides fixed buoyancy, allowing you to swim naturally while avoiding unnatural body position. The vest features soft foam floats sewn into the shoulders and arms. The back zipper and tab on the front keep it secure. The vest also prevents the jacket from riding up around your neck. It is designed to provide maximum comfort and build confidence while swimming. Children can use the vest between lessons and learn to swim with the aid of the Water Wings.

If your child has used water wings in the past, it is best to start fresh with your child and help him/her understand the real cause and effect of their body movement in the water. Another way to counter this misperception is to enroll them in swim lessons. Taking these classes regularly will give them the knowledge they need to develop a healthy relationship with water. And don't forget to have fun! The water wings in a vest are an excellent option for families that want to keep their little ones safe in the water.

Puddle Jumper

Swim vests and puddle jumpers give kids a false sense of security around the water. In fact, over 80 percent of parents believe their child had a false sense of security before drowning. Swim vests and puddle jumpers force swimmers to swim upright, which is not how they naturally swim. Instead, swimmers should swim face-down or horizontal, and with leg kicks and arm sweeps.

Puddle jumpers, or floaties, are one kind of vest, which keeps your arms and chest afloat. They are typically made of foam life jacket-like material and are buckled behind your back. The United States Coast Guard has approved puddle jumpers as a type III personal flotation device. But the new Body Glove Puddle Pals line has added a shoulder harness and looks to improve on the original Stearns design.

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