Can You Use a Tire Inflator for a Paddle Board?

August 18, 2022 2 min read

You can use a tire inflator for a paddle board. However, you must ensure that you have a flat area to work on. The material of a SUP is thick, so a sharp surface is not a good idea. You can find a flat area by searching the Internet for SUPs. You can also inflate the SUP with a compressor if you have one.

Using an Electric SUP Pump

When inflating your SUP tire, it's best to start by selecting the appropriate PSI. This should be no more than 15 PSI, but a little higher is fine. Then, connect the hose to the valve and twist to secure. Ensure the pressure setting on the sup pump is close to the desired PSI. It may seem as though the pump is empty, but the pressure gauge will tell you if the sup tire is inflated enough.

The air valve on an electric SUP pump should be closed when inflating your board, so make sure to close it before inserting the hose. The valve will be stuck up if it's closed. In any case, you must press it down to fully open the valve. Failing to follow these instructions will result in the PSI on the board dropping by two or four PSI.

Using a Mains Compressor

If you regularly inflate your paddleboard, you may want to invest in a mains compressor. These are available from many hardware/tool stores and should have at least a 25 ltr capacity. Smaller versions can be wheeled around, while larger ones must be stationary. They can range from $200 to $2000. You can also use the pump from Red Paddle Co to pump up your paddleboard.

Using a Paddle Board Tire Inflator

Using a paddle board tire inflater is not a difficult task if you follow some basic steps. You'll need to know how to properly attach the valve pin to the paddle board. You'll find that most iSUPs come with a yellow valve pin. Using a valve pin adapter will prevent overinflation, which can cause damage to the board. Using an air compressor on a paddle board will damage the board by overinflating it.

Besides connecting the hose to your SUP, you also need to have a power source for the pump. There are many types of power sources available for the paddle board tire inflator, including rechargeable batteries and car cigarette lighter power. The power source is perhaps the most important consideration. Some pumps require a car battery to run, while others are battery-powered. Also, make sure to check the output of the pump. Ideally, the pump should be compatible with an inflatable kayak or air mattress.

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