Does Putting Your iPhone in a Ziploc Bag Make it Waterproof?

August 31, 2022 3 min read

Does putting your iPhone in a Ziploc bag make it water-resistant? The answer is probably yes, but it doesn't necessarily make it completely waterproof. You can try drying your phone with a piece of rice. Rice absorbs moisture and can help dry your phone. In the case of your iPhone, you can try using rice instead of ziploc bags.

Is the iPhone Waterproof?

There are two ways to keep your iPhone dry. You can use a zip-locked plastic bag, and it will keep it dry. However, if the bag is not water-proof, there are air bubbles that will come out. The result will be a semi-waterproof iPhone, allowing you to use it in the shower, while taking a bath, or while texting your friends while swimming. For more comprehensive water-resistance, you can always purchase a true waterproof case.

Another option is to purchase a special case made specifically for the iPhone. The Yosh waterproof case is durable, and fits the iPhone 5 to a size 12! The waterproof case features IPX8 certification and a clear window on the back. Other waterproof cases are available, including the Procase. Procase is one of the best options for large phones. It is available on Amazon. Try making your own waterproof case.

If you are concerned about the safety of your phone, you can also soak it in rice. While rice is an excellent absorbent, it isn't large enough to soak up water deep inside the phone. It also gets stuck in seams, crevices, and ports. If you can't find a suitable rice substitute, you can always use other solutions. You can also store your iPhone in a plastic bag with a plastic cover.

The same idea applies for iPads, and if you are using an air-tight case, you can seal it with silica gel. This gel acts as a desiccant, which means it absorbs water from the air around it. This is a better way to protect your iPhone than simply putting it in a ziploc bag. This way, you can be sure that it will be safe from water damage.

Although it is still unlikely to be included in an upgrade cycle for the iPhone 6S Plus, it's not that far away. A waterproof case would save you hundreds of dollars in the long run and a waterproof bag could save you the headache of trying to dry your device out after it has been soaked. If you have to ask yourself: is it worth it, why not just get a waterproof ziploc bag?

Is the iPhone Water-Resistant?

It is true that Apple's water-resistant coating on the iPhone is brilliant, but it isn't actually waterproof. You can still drop your iPhone and it will likely survive, but you should not submerge your phone in water. Apple warns against doing this, and the best course of action is to not even attempt to do so. You can also get a waterproof case for your iPhone that has a wrist strap or swappable lenses.

Apple does not recommend submerging the iPhone in water, but Samsung's recent Galaxy devices have been made water-resistant. With an IP68 rating, your phone is protected for 30 minutes under water at 1.5 meters. So, if you're worried about getting your phone wet, you can buy a waterproof case and try it out for yourself. The process is fairly expensive and isn't covered by warranty.

Using a waterproof bag will protect your phone from water, snow, mud, and other wet substances. Even better, many newer iPhones have an IP68 rating, which means that they're completely protected from dust, and can survive being submerged in water for 30 minutes at six meters. You can even use a ziploc bag to store your phone when you're not using it, so long as you follow the instructions in the manual.

While ambient moisture won't harm the iPhone 11, direct exposure to the shower-head is likely to ruin it. In fact, it's better to leave your phone on the sink while you're showering. If you do accidentally drop your phone in water, wait to answer the call or text until you're dry. However, it's best to always keep your phone in a waterproof case if you plan on swimming, or in water-logged environments.

If you're concerned about losing your phone in water, the most effective way to waterproof your iPhone is to get it in a ziploc bag. It's easy to find a waterproof ziploc bag on the internet and search for waterproof cases online. However, a ziploc bag doesn't guarantee complete waterproofness, and the water-proofing is not permanent. However, you should always follow the instructions and care instructions on your iPhone.

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