Duffel Dry Bags

September 20, 2022 3 min read

Duffel Dry Bags are a great way to protect your gear. They are water-tight and flexible, making them ideal for a variety of uses. You can use dry bag in extreme sports and outdoor activities where sensitive items can get wet. They are also great for hauling gear.

Duffel Dry Bags

If you're considering purchasing a backpack or a duffel bag, you'll probably want to consider a high-end waterproof model. These bags are made from heavy-duty, 21-oz TobaTex fabric, which makes them highly durable. They also feature a streamlined, duffel-style closure, which folds down from the top. To maintain the bag's integrity, the closure is secured by aluminum fasteners that hook into webbing loops. This helps create extra pressure on the seal, and the webbing chains provide plenty of attachment points.

Another advantage to these waterproof bags is that they can be attached to rafts or boats. Some models have straps to tie to the raft, while others have an easy-to-attach carabiner. You can usually find these bags at stores that specialize in water sports, such as REI or Cabela's.


Duffel Dry Bags are a great way to protect your gear from water damage. They feature a waterproof zipper and are made of rugged PVC material. Some models even include padded shoulder straps, which take some of the weight off your shoulders. They are ideal for long trips, but are not waterproof enough for extended submersion.

The size of the dry bag you choose will depend on how much you will want to pack at one time. For a solo traveler, a five-liter dry bag is perfect for personal belongings, first aid kits, and medicines.


Dry bags are a great choice for trips to the ocean or to the beach because they allow air to circulate and prevent mildew. However, these bags are not indestructible. Fine dust and sand can penetrate the waterproof coating, which can lead to the formation of mould and odours. You should wash your dry bag occasionally to remove dirt and stains. You can use mild dishwashing detergent.

Dry bags are available in sizes from 1 liter to 20 liters. They are small enough to keep small gear dry while still allowing you to pack it easily into your luggage. These bags are made of PU-coated 70D nylon to keep small items protected. The material also makes them lightweight and easy to pack in your luggage. Another feature of these dry bags is their roll top closure system, which features replaceable buckles for a 100% waterproof seal. A D-ring is also included for securing the bag.

Ideal for Hauling Gear

The Thule Canyon roof basket adds extra storage space and makes gear easily accessible. Its robust tubular steel construction fits a wide range of vehicles. It comes with t-track mounting for Thule Xsporter or AeroBlade bars, a wind fairing and a low-profile wedge shape. It's also secured with Thule One Key locks.

At the Airport

Duffel dry bags are designed to be smaller than suitcases, but they still provide a high level of protection for your belongings. They're made of tough 18oz tarpaulin that's water resistant and features a rugged YKK zip that runs the full length of the duffel. The zipper provides easy loading and cleaning. Plus, most come with locks, making them even more secure.

Duffels can range in size from 25 to 150 liters. Some are designed for weekend trips, while others are large enough for longer trips. They're also carry-on compatible, making them ideal for the airport.

In a Raft

When you're rafting, you'll need to bring a lot of gear, and that gear is often stored in different bags. Duffel dry bags are an excellent way to keep your gear dry and organized. They come in different sizes and styles, and some are even large enough for a bivy sack!

When choosing a dry bag, make sure it has a water-tight zipper. Water should not be able to leak through a water-tight zipper, so make sure to check the seal carefully. To test its water-tightness, leave a small amount of air in the bag and squeeze it. If the bag is water-tight, it will float if it gets accidentally dropped.

To Secure Wet Gear

Duffel dry bags are made of watertight material that can keep your gear dry. Whether you're going on a fishing trip or hiking in the rain, this type of bag can be a lifesaver. Many brands have water-resistant exteriors and even include padded shoulder straps to make carrying them easier.

The majority of dry bags are lightweight models made of seam-sealed nylon. While these bags can keep your gear dry, they're not the only defense against water. For a more effective barrier, a heavy-duty TPU-coated river dry bag is a better choice. You should also triple-bag the most important pieces of gear for the most protection.

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