Electric Surfboards - What is the Maximum Electric Surfboard Speed?

August 15, 2022 3 min read

When it comes to surfing, electric surfboards can reach speeds of 30 kilometers per hour or more. These boards have remote control devices that allow you to choose the speed of the board. If you are a beginner, you should start with the lowest speed possible. Once you get used to it, you can increase the speed to as high as 50 kilometers per hour.

Lampuga Air

In addition to its great speed, the Lampuga Air also boasts a sleek design and easy transportability. It has a jet-powered electric motor, a PVC hull, and a Power Box containing a lithium-ion battery and electric motor. The maximum speed is 50 km/h, and it weighs just 55kg. Its sleek design and lightweight construction make it perfect for both beginners and experienced surfers alike.


The AdmitJet is a cutting-edge jetboard that blends power with perfect design in a carbon fibre board. This unique design allows for superior balance, performance, lightness, and relaxation while surfing. AdmitJet is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to experience high-speed surfing without the stress of wind or waves. The jetboard's quick acceleration, excellent maneuverability, and long battery life make it an ideal choice for speed surfing. Its maximum electric surfboard speed is 35 MPH.

Lift Foils

The newest electric surfboards are coming from a Puerto Rican company called Lift Foils. The Lift3 F is the company's third generation electric foil board. The eFoil harnesses several different technologies to propel the board through the waves and wind. The ride is easy to learn, but it still delivers the thrill of a lifetime for the most advanced riders. It has been designed with the rider in mind, allowing riders of all levels to enjoy the thrill of flying while surfing.


In a recent test, an electric surfboard accelerated to a top speed of 50 km/h! With an advanced jet drive, the electric surfboard accelerates forward at a high speed! One of the most innovative features of this electric surfboard is its unique patented design that allows it to be used in different conditions. This electric surfboard is able to reach up to 30 miles/h in four seconds! The board is made of lightweight composite materials and features an ergonomic body and two independent speeds.


The YuJet Electric Surfboard is a stylish electric surfboard that reaches a maximum speed of 10mph. Its wireless remote control allows you to change its speed as you wish. The board weighs just twenty pounds (nine kilograms) without the battery, making it easy to transport to the beach or lake. The company is targeting boat owners, as they can keep the board on their yacht and not worry about it crashing.

AdmitJet eFoil

The eFoil has an impressive top speed of 22 knots and will start shipping in September for a US$12,000 price. You can also purchase a second battery for the same price. The board will come in two sizes: the standard, with a larger deck, and the compact, with a smaller deck that's more maneuverable. Despite its fast top speed, the eFoil can be ridden at lower speeds.

Neptune X

With the high-performance Neptune X Maxima electric surfboard, you can enjoy the thrills of the water even if you're not a pro surfer. This surfboard features a powerful, detachable underwater wing powered by a 48-volt electric motor with a nominal power of three kW and a maximum of 12 kW. The motor propels the shielded rotor at 6.5 thousand rotations per minute, allowing for a top speed of 45 km/h. The board is designed for a user's weight of up to 120 kg, and is suitable for a variety of conditions.


The Efoil is an electric hydrofoil surfboard that delivers fast-paced surfing. This fast-moving watercraft has an advanced lithium-ion battery and wireless communications to deliver maximum torque on demand. The eFoil also is virtually silent. The hand controller uses Bluetooth technology and has a remote for the user to control the board and monitor battery levels and modes. The Efoil can reach speeds up to 25 mph. Since it does not touch the water, the rider can enjoy the scenery without worrying about body aches or headaches.

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