How Can I Inflate My SUP Without a Pump?

August 18, 2022 3 min read

You have several options when it comes to putting air into your stand-up paddleboard. There are manual pumps, electric pumps, and even compressors with rechargeable batteries. Which one will work best for you? Read on to find out! You may even be surprised to find out that you can use a simple 12V cigarette port to power your electric pump. No matter which one you use, it'll work to inflate multiple inflatable devices.

Air Compressor

One of the first things to know when you are about to inflate a SUP is where the valve pin is located. If the pin is located in an upright position, it is likely to be located on the board's bottom. Fortunately, most iSUPs feature a yellow valve pin, so it is easy to spot. For more information, check out this YouTube video.

To inflate an iSUP without a pump, you can purchase an adaptor, which fits most of the popular brands. To install the adaptor, remove the silver cap from the top of the valve. Then, attach the adaptor to the bottom of the board. Once the adaptor is attached to the board, you can then use a regular air compressor's hose to inflate the board.

Manual Pump

How to inflate a SUP without a paddle pump? First, you must line up your shoulders over the valves on the hose and pump inward. Make sure that your arms are straight and that your head is above the hose. Do not bend your elbows while pumping. Keep your head erect and your body balanced. Don't overdo it as your arms and legs will collapse. When you finish pumping, twist the hose in the opposite direction. After that, close the valve.

Another way to inflate a SUP without a paddle pump is to use the 12V plug in your car. The car battery must be good, of course, so be sure to turn it off before leaving. Otherwise, try leaving the car running for a few minutes to charge the battery. There are even rechargeable battery SUP pumps that charge on a car battery. However, make sure to unplug your paddle board's electrical equipment before leaving your car.

Electric Pump

Inflating your paddle board with an electric pump is a great way to ensure that you're ready to go whenever you want to hit the water. It's important not to over-inflate, however. If you want to get the most out of your SUP, check the manufacturer's recommendations and purchase a pump that will inflate your board to the correct PSI. The OutdoorMaster Shark II is a high-quality, lightweight air pump that can inflate three SUPs at once.

Most electric pumps have a gauge that allows you to see the exact pressure you're pumping at, so you won't accidentally over-inflate your paddle board. They're also typically rechargeable, so you can use it anywhere, and they can be run off of the car battery, if you're stranded. If you're unsure of how much air to pump into your SUP, a gauge with a built-in pressure gauge will let you know how to do it.

Compressor With Rechargeable Battery

A great alternative to using a pump is an electric air compressor. This type of pump works by plugging into a vehicle's power source and includes a nozzle, hose and cable. Most have a PSI gauge so you can monitor the inflation pressure and stop it when it's reached the desired PSI. Electric air pumps also prevent you from underinflating your board by shutting off when the desired PSI is reached.

If you don't have a pump, a regular air compressor can work for inflating your SUP. However, these compressors have the potential to overheat quickly and may have to be switched off before they are fully inflated. They also require you to remain with them during the entire process, as too much pressure can cause a SUP to explode. A rechargeable battery-powered air compressor is a good option if you plan to use it regularly.

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