How Do I Choose a Surfboard Bag?

July 16, 2022 3 min read

When buying a surfboard bag from a brand, consider the size and shape of your board. Your day bag for a longboard will not be large enough for a shortboard. And make sure you buy a bag that is made to fit the exact shape of your board - a longboard day bag won't fit a fish, and a shortboard day bag will not fit a fish. Avoid buying cheap surfboard bags, because they will break quicker and provide less protection than a good quality bag.

Board socks

When buying a surfboard bag, there are a few things to look for. You need a durable material and closed cell foam padding to protect your surfboard. You also want a waterproof, heat-reflective outer material. Your bag should also have extra pockets for fins and wax. Look for adjustable straps and a sturdy zipper. If you're planning to travel with your surfboard, look for internal sheets to prevent wax from cooking inside the bag.

A good surfboard bag will protect your board and prevent it from fading or tearing over time. It should be sturdy enough to hold the entire board while sliding in and out of it with ease. It should also have a good zipper, since a good zipper is the lifeblood of a surfboard bag. Make sure it is waterproof and rugged to avoid rips and tears. A board sock isn't worth money and is not a good option if it's going to get wet and ripped over time.


When you're shopping for a Surbbag, it can be tough to choose a zipper for your surfboard bag. Zippers that are resistant to water are essential, because a good zipper is the lifeblood of a surfboard bag. Check the product description to make sure you're getting a zipper that can stand up to saltwater. You don't want a zipper to rust after a few years, either.

Some brands include a YKK brand zip in their bags, which is reliable and long-lasting. Other high-quality brands use their own-brand zippers, which are designed specifically for the salty environment of the ocean. To avoid damaging the teeth of a zip, never force a zip. Be aware that some Surbbags feature a full-length zip, which makes it easy to access your board when needed.


The size of your Surfbag is crucial in protecting your board. Depending on the shape and size of your board, there are two main types of boards: longboards and shortboards. When purchasing a new bag, be sure to check the manufacturer's recommended board sizes. Fish board bags, for example, are designed for shortboards, and are narrow with a pointed nose. Retro board bags are wide and have a more standard shape, but will accommodate longboards and templates up to ten feet long.

Buying a Surfbag for a longboard is a great way to protect your surfboard and other essentials, but it's also important to understand how to determine your exact board size. A surfboard should fit snugly inside the bag, and the length will determine the mark on the bag. A good tip is to buy a bag that's a few inches longer than the length of your surfboard. Shortboards and longboards are similar in length, but the width can vary. The length is the most important measurement, but you also need to consider the width and thickness of your board.


When shopping for a new surfbag, make sure to consider the features that are most important to you. Often, surfboard bags will include wheels and shoulder straps. Look for a surfboard bag with adequate padding and a shape that fits your board. A shortboard day bag will not fit a quad fin and vice versa. Avoid buying a cheap surfboard bag - these bags will degrade faster and provide less protection.

Among the many features to look for in a surfboard bag, the material is of utmost importance. The MIGRA brand of bags uses water repellent and durable 800-denier polyester fabric. This type of material feels smooth and durable while still maintaining a rough texture. The interior of the bag is also made of smoother polyester fabric. Buying a board bag with a padded handle and a shoulder strap will keep your surfboard safe while you're on the go.

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