How Do I Clean and Sanitize Snorkeling Gear?

August 27, 2022 3 min read

Whether you're a long-term snorkeler or just a beginner, it's important to clean your mask and all of the equipment on a regular basis to ensure maximum protection from bacteria and viruses. While bleach is the most common disinfectant, there are other options as well. Warm water with a mild detergent can effectively disinfect your gear. Bleach is also an option, but the CDC recommends a diluted solution. Using too much bleach can damage your gear or insufficiently disinfect it.


If you want to keep your snorkel in pristine condition, you should first sanitize it with bleach. You can use 1 cup of bleach in 10 cups of water. Mix the solution thoroughly and submerge the snorkel in it. After a few minutes, remove the gear and wipe it dry. If there is any mold left, use an unused toothbrush or a gloved hand to scrub it.

If you are unable to find a Snorkel cleaning solution, you can use household bleach. While this is a relatively safe disinfectant, a 10-1 solution is still a little caustic. Make sure to rinse the gear thoroughly with fresh water after using bleach. This solution will lose its potency if not used properly. You should also soak the gear for about 10-20 minutes. It should dry completely before you put it back into use.

Warm Water

Snorkel gear is an important part of any diving experience. Not only does it keep you safe underwater, but it also helps you to clean fish you have caught on shore. It's important to clean your snorkel gear often to maintain its appearance and durability. The first step in cleaning your snorkel gear is to rinse it with clean, fresh water after every use. After you've rinsed your gear, soak it in a solution that's free from harmful bacteria and other marine life.

Bleach is an effective disinfectant, but some manufacturers do not recommend using it on regulators and other sensitive gear. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and follow the cleaning process as described. In addition, make sure that the gear is thoroughly dried before using it again. Do not use bleach in a dishwasher, as it can damage it and not provide disinfection. Also, don't expose your gear to the sun for too long; it can damage silicone and other materials used in making your snorkel gear.


The best way to disinfect your mask and Snorkel gear is to use a multi-purpose sanitizing agent, such as Steramine. The active ingredient in Steramine is quaternary ammonium, a widely used antimicrobial agent. The solution is non-corrosive to metals and does not stain. Its surfactant action allows it to sanitize your gear in one step. This unique solution is safe for use on all surfaces and does not leave a residue on the surface. The solution remains effective for up to a minute, and it is completely odorless.

Another benefit to using Steramine for cleaning and sterilizing Snorkel gear is its non-corrosive and odourless nature. Unlike bleach, this sanitizer is not affected by water, and its shelf life does not diminish. It is also safer to use than bleach solutions, which begin to lose their potency the moment they are mixed. Using Steramine for cleaning and sterilizing Snorkel gear is as simple as adding one or two tablets to a gallon of water. You can spray or soak your equipment, as directed by the manufacturer.

Using Steramine to Sanitize Snorkel Gear

One of the best ways to sanitize scuba equipment is to use a steramine sanitizer solution. This solution is effective and safe, and is approved by the EPA, USDA, and food service industry. It is non-corrosive, so it will not damage your scuba gear. It is also odorless, so you won't have to worry about the smell.

You can also sanitize your wetsuit and boot with steramine. Using a steramine solution to clean these items is a great way to eliminate odors and keep them fresh. You can mix a bottle of this product with water to make a sanitizing spray and apply it to your gear. However, you should not use too much of the solution, because too much can damage the gear or ineffectively disinfect it.

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