How Do I Store a Kayak in My Garage?

July 10, 2022 3 min read

How do I store a kayak in my garage? Here are some ideas for storing your kayak safely. Keep your kayak out of the way and dry! Read on to find out how! This is a big question for many paddlers! Follow these tips to store your kayak safely. You'll be glad you did! Once you know how to store your kayak, you can keep it out of the way for many years!

Properly Storing a Kayak

To properly store a kayak, take a few precautions. First, clean the kayak inside and out. Next, lean the kayak against a wall in your garage or hang it from racks. If you don't have a garage wall, you can install rope or brackets to hang your kayak. Once you've hung it, you'll want to clean it with fresh water.

When storing your kayak, make sure you find a place that won't attract pests or other insects. Avoid putting it in a well-traveled area. This will not only keep your kayak safe from unwanted intruders but will also inconvenience your household as well. Finally, don't store your kayak in a place with excessive moisture. Moisture will damage the kayak by causing mold and fungus and degrade the material.

Next, you can purchase or build a rack for your kayak. Using PVC pipe and brackets, you can hang your kayak at the height you want. Be sure to align the cockpit with the straps so that they're level. If you're using a rack, use it every month and rotate your kayak every two to three months. To protect your kayak from extreme cold, consider getting a special cover that keeps it dry.

Keeping Your Kayak Out of the Way

Keeping your kayak out of the way in the garage can help you maintain its beauty and function. The fact is that kayaks require more space than you may think, but with a little planning and some good kayak storage ideas, you can have extra space and a clean kayak. Kayaking reduces stress and anxiety and improves mood, and it's a great pastime. But an overstuffed garage can mean a day out on the water that can ruin your mood and prevent you from having a good time.

Garages often have higher ceilings than normal, so you can use this space to store your kayak. You may want to consider using the ceiling space in your garage as well. This will free up floor space and allow you to store other items. Regardless of the storage solution you choose, it is important to take the time to clean your kayak after every use to prevent it from becoming gross and unsightly.

In addition to storing your kayak in the garage, you should also keep it indoors, preferably in a locked room. Purchasing kayak hangers that attach to the garage wall support beams will allow you to store your kayak in an easily accessible area. Another option is to hang your kayak from the ceiling, which will help you keep it out of the way. You can also use kayak hangers to store your kayak outside. These will keep your kayak safely out of the way while allowing you to clean it more easily.

Keeping Your Kayak Dry

Keeping your kayak dry in your garage can be a challenge. Since most kayaks are over ten feet long, you probably don't want it strewn across the floor, but a well-insulated garage can be ideal. To keep your kayak dry, keep the temperature and humidity stable. Direct sunlight can cause oil canning and fading. It may also cause your kayak's plastic to warp and become unusable.

The first step in keeping your kayak dry in your garage is to store it vertically. Don't store your kayak on the ground, as this can damage the hull and bow and stern. You should also use a dry bag and bilge pump for storage. A dehumidifier is an excellent investment to keep the garage dry. Moisture can cause fungus and mold, which can damage your kayak.

After a long period of storage, you should clean your kayak thoroughly. While you can simply use a garden hose to rinse it, long-term storage requires a more extensive cleaning regimen. You should remove all visible dust from the kayak and use a mild detergent. Liquid soap will also clean the inside of your kayak. After cleaning your kayak, don't forget to remove any sand that may have accumulated inside.

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