How Do I Strengthen My Knees for Wakeboarding?

September 17, 2022 3 min read

Many wakeboarders are concerned about the possibility of knee injuries while riding. But the knee is not the only vulnerable area to wakeboarding injuries. The ankles, too, put the knee at risk. Strengthening the muscles around the knee is critical. However, a missing link can undermine the effectiveness of your efforts.

Leg Curls Help Stabilize the Knee

To safely participate in water sports, the muscles around the knee must be strong. While manmade aids such as knee braces and ankle braces can help stabilize the knee, nothing compares to the strength of your own muscles. There are four essential exercises to increase the strength of your knees.

Leg curls help stabilize the knee by targeting the hamstring muscles. They increase the flexibility of your hamstrings and improve your range of motion. Leg curls can be done lying down or while standing. You should avoid any sharp pain while performing these exercises, though. Once you're comfortable with the discomfort, continue with the exercises.

The single-leg leg curl is also an effective exercise to improve stability. While the hips should remain erect while performing leg curls, it is important to avoid dropping the knee. Lowering the hips will decrease the activity of the hamstrings. You can perform a single-leg leg curl for 1-3 sets of 10 to 15 reps. If you find that you're fatigued, you can reduce the reps. Nevertheless, you'll still get a good blood flow and activation from the exercise.

Leg Squats Strengthen the Glutes

If you want to improve your wakeboarding style and minimize the risk of injury, you must strengthen your glutes. A weak lower body can cause your knees to buckle and cause tears in your cruciate ligaments and meniscus. You also risk bruised bones and other injuries that affect your body's stability. Strong glutes will also reduce the impact on your lower back. In addition, you will find that your style will improve as your glutes are more activated.

Leg squats are a great way to strengthen your glutes. You should stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and bend your knees. You should be able to bring your hips slightly back and keep your heels parallel to the floor. Once you have achieved this position, slowly return to a standing position and repeat the exercise on the opposite side.

Single-leg exercises are another great way to strengthen the glutes. Single-leg squats are similar to double-leg deadlifts, but they involve less weight on the back leg. They also help develop the glutes and hamstrings.

Stretching Before and After a Wakeboarding Session

Warming up and stretching before and after a wakeboarding session are crucial parts of any wakeboarding session. This will help avoid injury and increase performance. A ten-minute warm-up should be performed before each session. This also prepares the body for the extreme manoeuvres that are characteristic of wakeparks.

Stretching is especially important for beginners who may have difficulty getting up on the wakeboard. The body's entire musculoskeletal system is used when wakeboarding. It is therefore vital to stretch your hamstrings, shoulders, and side muscles before and after each session.

Besides making your muscles more flexible, stretching will also reduce post-exercise soreness. The body will appreciate these benefits, especially if you're a beginner. To do this, simply lift your head forward and tilt it to the right and left to stretch the front and back of your neck.

Before and after your wakeboarding session, be sure to stretch your neck muscles. This will prevent neck soreness and build strength. These exercises can also improve balance.

Adjusting Your Stance of Your Bindings

A good way to strengthen your knees for wakeboarding is to change your stance on the board. This simple exercise involves squatting with varying foot widths. You want to make sure that your heels are touching the board and that your knees are not hanging over the board. If you are doing this exercise incorrectly, you may end up falling off.

Another way to strengthen your knees for wakeboarding is to practice landing drills. Start by bending your knees. Then, stretch your arms out in front of you as if you were holding a tow rope. Try doing this in the pool or in front of a suitable dock.

Adjust your wakeboarding stance according to your height. If you are just beginning wakeboarding, it can be difficult to get the right stance. It is very easy to fall off the board if you don't have the proper stance. Make sure you use your knees when you land, as they are vital for your body's mechanics.

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