How Do I Teach My 4-Year-Old to Surf?

August 31, 2022 3 min read

When you first take your child out to surf, you should consider a children's board. This will allow your child to get comfortable with the water and learn how to paddle out. It will be important to give forward power to your child when they need it. Keep in mind that they will probably fall off their board a few times. Dealing with these failures will help them build confidence. Even if they aren't good surfers, it's still worth trying. Your child can have fun learning to surf and reach an acceptable level in no time.

Choosing the Right Waves

The waves that you choose for your child's surfing lessons are extremely important. For starters, you'll want to start by choosing low waves that your child can handle. This will allow your child to build confidence while standing on a surfboard. As they get more comfortable, they may be able to request waves that are larger. After a few lessons, you can move to more challenging waves.

As a parent, it's important to remember that kids get scared at times, but that's an inevitable part of learning to surf. A kid might get knocked off their feet during a shorebreak or get held down for longer than they're comfortable with. When this happens, you should calm your child down and encourage them to try surfing again. It's important to avoid getting discouraged during the learning process, as it will just make them shy and hesitant.

Choosing the Right Board

When preparing to teach your four-year-old to surf, you'll need to choose the right board. There are many factors to consider, including the age, height, and weight of your child. Young children should start with a bodyboard or shorter surfboard, which allows them to build confidence in the waves and is a safe option. Proper surfboards are too heavy for young children and they wouldn't be able to stand upright on them.

Children need a softer surfboard than adults, so choose a board that reflects this. In addition, a boogie board will be more comfortable for your child, which will help reduce the risk of an injury. It is important to prepare your child for surfing with swimming lessons and gradual exposure to the beach. While the first lessons can be intimidating, parents should stress safety and practice proper etiquette.

Choosing the Right School

Choosing the right school to teach your four-year-old to surf is an important decision. Kids learn better with peers. You should make sure your child learns to swim before beginning surfing lessons. This way, your child will feel more comfortable in the water and develop stronger swim skills. You can also check out surfing schools that offer group lessons for kids. This way, your child can meet new friends while learning to surf.

Getting your child into surf lessons is an exciting and fun experience for the whole family. Surf schools that are tailored to kids will typically have smaller class sizes and a lower student to instructor ratio. This allows your child to learn at a faster pace, while allowing you to get to know your child better. Kids will also enjoy having a one-on-one instructor instead of a group. Read here about the best age for learning a kid how to surf.

Choosing the Right Location

When teaching your 4-year-old to surf, it is important to choose the right location. A large, busy beach will make it difficult for your child to catch waves, and you will want to avoid this situation. Instead, choose a secluded beach where you can give your child more time to catch waves. This will help ensure that your child has a good time while learning the basics of surfing.

For this age group, Mount Vernon in Orient Bay, a bay in Sydney, is the ideal location. The shallow water and large sand bank will enable your child to stand up close to the instructor. The teacher will start with a simple explanation of what to expect, and he or she will start by bodysurfing, allowing your child to get used to the ocean.

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